Publish Date: 04.11.2019

Category: News from the University

In its year of centenary celebrations, the University of Ljubljana has developed a Space of Knowledge. The space, which will be implemented in virtual form, will present the most fascinating creations in the sciences, humanities and arts of this biggest and oldest scientific and research institution in Slovenia–University of Ljubljana. A model of the Knowledge Market Pavilion, which is a manifestation of virtual Space of Knowledge, can be viewed in the atrium of the University of Ljubljana (Kongresni trg 12, Ljubljana).

For the general public the University reports that through collaboration, exchange of knowledge and going beyond routine ways of thinking, it is designing a specific vision of the future, with an emphasis on innovation and new technologies, but with a respectful attitude to nature, society and the environment. Development of the concept involved students, professional staff, researchers and teachers of various professions.

Since an important pillar of the University of Ljubljana’s operation is the transfer of knowledge and cooperation with the local environment, we invited companies to join in designing the project. The companies Riko, Bossplast, Elea Ic and Elektro Urbanija were involved in the project as external expert partners. Riko offered support for the design group of students and their mentors from the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture in developing the design concept for the pavilion and participated as lead partner in designing the space. In the future the Knowledge Market Pavilion could appear at one of the University of Ljubljana locations as a multipurpose space for exhibitions, events, lectures, meetings and gatherings. As a place for the meeting and gathering of experts, students, residents and visitors to the city it would invite people to consider and exchange ideas.

Project design team:

Assoc. Prof. mag. Boštjan Vuga, u.d.i.a., Grad. Dip. (AA)
Assoc. Prof. mag. Planišček, u.d.i.a. 

Neža Brankovič
Adam Breznik
Miha Gašperin
Matic Hlede
Petra Iljaž
Timotej Jevšenak
Nastja Kastigar
Klara Suša Vačovnik