Publish Date: 11.12.2019

Category: News from the University

The University of Ljubljana’s Rector Igor Papič has appointed the first group of new full professors at the University of Ljubljana. At the proposal of member institutions, the university senate has elected new full professors from various fields of research, art, and education.

“I congratulate you on the academic title conferred. This proves you can tread with the utmost success the path required by a professional educator of higher education. This path is demanding, long and unpredictable, and only the best can tread it in this highly competitive international environment. You have succeeded. You are our university’s reliable present and bright future,” said the Rector, addressing those attending.

The keynote speaker Tadej Malovrh from the Ljubljana Veterinary Faculty highlighted the fact that being a full professor at the University of Ljubljana is a great honour and responsibility: “Our appearances in the public serve to promote the University of Ljubljana because we’re one of the more important elements that contribute to its prestige. Through our work and achievements we also directly influence the university’s international ranking and profile. This enables the increasingly important exchange between universities in different countries, which places us on the map of the world’s most important universities and their teachers. Last but not least, we must humbly admit that the university is the one putting bread on our tables and it’s therefore appropriate that we don’t forget about ethics in the professional comments we make for the media. Unfortunately, full professors don’t have much room for the average human weaknesses; these must stay outside lecture halls, exams, colleges, meetings, student parties and the University as a whole. We should hide or even abandon these reflexes or acquired bad habits even in our daily lives, on the street, at home, while waiting in a line for a bus or at the mall.”

Sandra Penger from the School of Economics and Business expressed her thanks on behalf of the newly elected full professors: “I was asked to share a few thoughts about our feelings at this moment or what we’re feeling in our hearts. Gratitude. Respect. Responsibility. Happiness inside. Connected. Mutual lifelong learning. We’re grateful for the most beautiful vocation in the world, which is not a profession, but life. Becoming a professor, researcher or teacher is a dream come true. None of this would have been possible without you, parents, and exceptional teachers and professors who have taught us unconditionally and inspired us. Therefore, dear audience, gratitude and respect are the two values that connect us in our hearts today, at this moment.”

Photo highlights of the event can be viewed here. 

The new University of Ljubljana full professors as of 9 December 2019 are: 

Pia Brodnik (singing)
Egon Mihajlovič (cembalo)
Vladimir Mlinarič (piano)
Matjaž Robavs (singing)
Monika Skala (violin)
Marko Vatovec (choral conducting) 

Aldo Kumar (sound)
Barbara Orel (dramaturgy and performing arts) 

Jernej Jakše (Genetics)
Nina Kacjan Maršić (horticulture)
Hojka Kraigher (botany)
Urška Vrhovšek (technology of plant food products) 

Matej Marinč (money and finance)
Sandra Penger (management and organisation)
Aleš Popovič (business information technology)
Miroslav Verbič (money and finance)