Publish Date: 11.12.2019

Category: News from the University

The University of Ljubljana’s Rector Igor Papič has appointed the second group of new full professors at the University of Ljubljana. At the proposal of member institutions, the university senate has elected new full professors from various fields of research, art, and education.

“100 years ago, the very first lecture in Slovenian took place right in this room, at the newly-founded University of Ljubljana. Throughout 2019 we have commemorated important historical events and individuals who played a key role in this university’s development and operation. It has not always been easy for this institution, but today it is the oldest and largest university in Slovenia, which ranks among the top universities in the world. I believe its excellence will only continue to grow in the coming years. I am certain of it because part of this excellence is sitting before me today. I am talking about you, my dear full professors,” said the Rector, addressing those present.

The keynote speaker Matej Praprotnik, the head of the theoretical department at the Ljubljana Institute of Chemistry and full professor for physics at the Ljubljana Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, said the following: “For a hundred years now, the University of Ljubljana has served as the main beacon of the Slovenian nation’s cultural and academic development. Despite the modest financial support it receives compared to the best universities around the globe, its professors are at the very top of international scholarship. Academic excellence is, however, a necessary prerequisite for the high-quality education and training of younger generations.” He emphasized the fact that professors are responsible for the University of Ljubljana’s progress and its remaining an academic institution, rather than a bureaucratic service for awarding diplomas.

Tadeja Zupančič extended her thanks on behalf of all new full professors: “I’ve been noticing lately that I’m enjoying teaching more and more. Despite the occasional feeling that I’m performing a Sisyphean task, as I’m observing the developments in various architectural practices or wondering what I am even doing at the university if I’m only counting academic citations instead of looking for opportunities to have an actual influence on spatial culture. Or wondering how to awaken the passion for professionalism, ethical spatial planning and ethical relationships with those that help shape the physical environment, especially when I notice great talent and a lack of will. Then I wonder how well we actually know our students and how well we should know them and in what aspects, and how well they know us. Or when it seems impossible to awaken a talent and it feels like starting a fire with wet wood, but perhaps it’s only me that feels that way because I find myself in a state of pedagogic numbness no one speaks about. I’m fortunate that in moments like that there’s always someone near me who shines in all their energy and pulls me with them. Sometimes it’s a family member or a colleague or student, and sometimes all of them. So I’d like to sincerely thank all of them.”

Photo highlights of the event can be viewed here.

The new University of Ljubljana full professors as of 9 December 2019 are: 

Tadeja Zupančič (architecture) 

Gregor Petrič (social science IT)
Iztok Prezelj (defence studies) 

Boštjan Blažič (electrical engineering)
Iztok Humar (electrical engineering)
Jaka Sodnik (electrical engineering)
Tomaž Vrtovec (electrical engineering) 

Zdenko Časar (pharmaceutical chemistry)
Mitja Kos (social pharmacy)
Janez Mavri (pharmaceutical chemistry) 

Marjan Jereb (organic chemistry)
Aleš Podgornik (biotechnology) 

Tomaž Gyergyek (physics)
Primož Moravec (mathematics)
Marko Žnidarič (physics) 

Saša Zagorc (constitutional law)