Publish Date: 16.12.2019

Category: News from the University

The University of Ljubljana’s Rector Igor Papič has appointed the fourth group of new full professors at the University of Ljubljana. At the proposal of member institutions, the University Senate has elected new full professors from various fields of research, art and education.

“May the title of a full professor open additional opportunities for you to enhance your valuable work, and may this work continue with even greater enthusiasm. Let this title be a source of pride, joy and personal satisfaction. Vivat academia, vivat profesores!” exclaimed the Rector, addressing the audience.

The keynote speaker, Matej Zajc from the Ljubljana Faculty of Electrical Engineering, pointed out that all the newly appointed full professors had to demonstrate a great deal of research excellence: “The fact that you’re here today means you’ve achieved important results through your extensive research and teaching activity, based on which you have a high profile in the academic environment in Slovenia and abroad. You’ll continue your research, setting and achieving increasingly higher goals in the future. Our basic mission is to teach. We all know how important our teaching efforts are, even though they are often neglected to the benefit of achieving high research results. You may have already set the goal yourselves to place a greater emphasis on your teaching next year.” He wished that as the university’s ambassadors everyone continues to help developing their individual fields of expertise, research and art, and motivating their younger colleagues by example.

Branko Klun from the Ljubljana Faculty of Theology expressed his thanks on behalf of the new full professors: “There’s a joke circling around the German academic community that associate professors (außenordentliche Professoren) don’t do anything extraordinary (außenordentlich) and that full professors (ordentliche Professoren) don’t do anything right (in Ordnung). The word Ordnung (order) is what characterises the position of a professor in a very special way. Not only because in the past a professor who held a chair was called an ’ordinarius’ and had the power to head and manage his or her area of specialty, but also because in a special way order is connected with scholarship.” According to Klun, every scholarly discipline has its own order. “However, in addition to the order governing individual disciplines, it is a common higher order that also brings us together and should be acknowledged on this special occasion. Order as the truth of reality with its special laws and principles is the ultimate goal of any scholarly finding, and commitment to truth is the fundamental task of any professor. In addition to the natural order, there is another order that Kant refers to as moral order, and may be described as commitment to others. This is the order of responsibility to and for others, or responsibility to society as a whole,” Klun pointed out.

Photos from the event are available here.

All photos were taken by Foto Studio NORA. 

The new University of Ljubljana full professors as of 13 December 2019 are: 

Peter Peer (computer and information science) 

Blaž Lešnik (kinesiology) 

Janez Stare (public sector organisation) 

Aleš Fidler (dental diseases and normal dental morphology)
Mojca Globočnik Petrovič (ophthalmology)
Borut Kovačič (cell biology)
Dušan Štajer (internal medicine)
Vesna Švab (psychiatry)
Irma Virant Klun (cell biology) 

Robert Cvetek (marriage and family therapy)
Tomaž Erzar (marriage and family therapy)
Branko Klun (philosophy)
Tanja Repič Slavič (marriage and family therapy)