The University of Ljubljana Week, which this year actually lasted three weeks due to the University’s centenary celebrations, was rounded off by a awards for the associates.

Publish Date: 23.12.2019

Category: News from the University

During the holiday season, we like to look back at the year that is drawing to a close and evaluate what we have achieved. This year we’ve celebrated the University’s centenary and so we’ve looked even further into the past. We can be exceptionally proud of everything we’ve achieved to date. You, my dear colleagues, have also contributed a great deal to the numerous successes,” said the University of Ljubljana Rector, Igor Papič, addressing the audience. He continued by saying that it is perhaps not often stressed enough that work at the University would be impossible without its professional staff: “You contribute to a higher quality of teaching, winning international and EU projects, a positive profile of the member institutions in Slovenia and abroad, a well-maintained and functioning work environment, and sometimes you’re simply the ones that listen to your colleagues and thus brighten up their day.”   

The audience was also addressed by the last year’s award winner, Simona Peklar: “We’re aware that the University’s basic purpose is to learn and its key mission is to discover, maintain and transfer knowledge. But we also know that, without suitable support and without creating an appropriate environment and conditions for putting these requirements into practice, the success and impact that the University of Ljubljana is now having in Slovenia and the rest of the world would not exist. We’re also very proud of the role and contribution of the University’s professional staff in all this.” According to Peklar, professional staff must have the expertise, will, personality, and social power to successfully and competitively perform the tasks required by their jobs. “Our efforts are also directed towards creativity and responsible work, which is consequently also of higher quality. Therefore, values that will bring us together and make us satisfied and happy are required in addition to knowledge. Indeed, the biggest mistake is to believe that knowledge alone is enough,” Peklar added.  

Boštjan Koritnik from the Ljubljana Faculty of Law, expressed his thanks on behalf of the award winners: “I’ve been employed at the University for five years now. I came from the private sector, with a few prejudices that we all too often read about in the media. In general they all conclude that the public sector is a storehouse for nearly expired goods or parasites, or “uhljebi”, as the Croatians call them. Upon my arrival, I had further prejudices based on my personal experience. As a student I used to curse the employees in the student office, claiming that they only work two hours a day during their office hours and spend the rest on coffee breaks. I learned my biggest lesson working as a student in the Biotechnical Faculty’s student office for a few years. I was shocked at the amount of work that needed to be done in order to provide that one stamp and signature to a student during office hours. That was also a shock to my inflated ego.” According to Koritnik, another shock that finally rid him of this prejudice towards the public sector came when he started working at the Ljubljana Faculty of Law: “I have an amazing team of co-workers, who initially looked at me with mistrust, and I looked at them the same way. They would complain in the hallways that we didn’t do things together, that we didn’t see each other often enough, that we didn’t have enough meetings and so on. But as a secretary I told them that they were the ones that had all the expertise and I had none, that to me they were the authorities and that I was merely there to help them solve problems. Only then did they gradually start to gladly accept responsibility and become more proactive. Now they’re not afraid to tell me I’m wrong. My previous prejudice was that the professional staff in public administration, especially at the University and its member institutions, included irresponsible clerks who simply applied rules and couldn’t think for themselves. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Like everywhere, we can have different colleagues, but most are skilled, conscientious and responsible, with exceptional expertise and experience.”  

Photos from the award ceremony are available here.
All photos were taken by Foto Sudio NORA.  

The recipients of recognitions for the associates of the University of Ljubljana for 2019 are:  

Liljana Bürmen Milenkovič, Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
Ana Mađerić, Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
Edisa Šakanović, Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
Bojana Bajec, Silva Bandelj, Miha Grum and Simona Ješelnik, Centre for Theatre and Film Studies, Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television 
Tomaž Furlan, Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design
Marija Potočnik Štupar, Ljubljana Biotechnical Faculty
Josip Tomšič, Ljubljana Faculty of Economics
Slavka Zrakić, Ljubljana Faculty of Economics
Sabina Otoničar, Ljubljana Faculty of Social Sciences
Zdenka Oven, Ljubljana Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Lidija Mataija, Ljubljana Faculty of Pharmacy
Stanislava Menard, Ljubljana Faculty of Pharmacy
Peter Košir, Ljubljana Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Vesna Gračner, Ljubljana Faculty of Computer and Information Science
Jernej Kovač, Ljubljana Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Miha Lebič, Ljubljana Faculty of Public Administration
Irena Žužek, Ljubljana Faculty of Public Administration
Jana Rozman, Ljubljana Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering
Mojca Bitenc, Ljubljana Faculty of Education
Doroteja Božič, Ljubljana Faculty of Education
Boštjan Koritnik, Ljubljana Faculty of Law
Vesna Denona, Ljubljana Faculty of Health Sciences
Polonca Miklavc Valenčič, University of Ljubljana Rector’s Office    

prejemnikiThe recipients of recognitions for the associates of the University of Ljubljana for 2019   
Photo: Foto Studio NORA