Publish Date: 18.02.2020

Category: Eutopia

EUTOPIA2050 representatives of partner institutions came together for the official EUTOPIA Kick-off in Ljubljana. Fifty participants from partner institutions attended the three-day meeting, including universities’ vice-rectors, work package leaders and co-leaders, project officers and team members of respective work packages.

The first point of the Kick-off was a videoconference with the European Commission’s Erasmus+ project officers, Corinne Leveque and Lucie Trojanova. During their short presentation, the officers talked about the European Universities program and European Commission’s expectations regarding execution of the EUTOPIA2050 project, both administration- and research-wise.

The Kick-off had continued with presentations from each respective work package, where some of the projected activities are already underway. Work package leaders had prepared detailed overviews of the expected deliverables which will be completed over the three-year course, as well as their timelines and financial plans.

On day 2, of the Kick-off, members of different work packages got together in joint sessions, as to discuss mutual synergies of the activities in their respective work packages. Simultaneously, project managers from each partner institution came together to talk about the project management guidelines, administrative and financial matters. 

Most of the discussed matter aimed at long-term and sustainable visions for the project beyond its three-year lifetime, and the dissemination of information regarding EUTOPIA2050 to the public.

EUTOPIA2050 Executive Board had also convened during the Kick-off. The Executive Board is made up of vice-rectors of participating universities, work package leaders, EUTOPIA Alliance Secretary General, project officer and 2 student representatives.


The aim of EUTOPIA2050 is to shape new education model in Europe in accordance with contemporary practices and approaches in the knowledge market, and to enhance connections between the four realms – research, education, innovation and knowledge transfer. Coordinator of the project is University of Ljubljana, working along with University of Warwick, Vrije Universitat Brussels, Gothenburg University, CY Cergy-Paris Universite and Pompeu Fabra University. EUTOPIA2050 is a part of the EUTOPIA Alliance, and University of Ljubljana became its member over a year ago. EUTOPIA2050 partners have received €5 million grant through the Erasmus+ programme, for the establishment and development of European universities of the future.