Publish Date: 13.05.2020

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Covid Message
The Covid-19 is currently impacting all universities member of the EUTOPIA Alliance, although an administrative continuity has been organized to allow staff members to work from home.

Please find through the link below regular updates on the Covid-19 situation in direct link to our EUTOPIA partners.

A message from the presidents, Vice-Chancellors and rectors of the EUTOPIA European University Alliance can be found here.

Project Submission
Two strategic partnerships projects were submitted on the 22nd and the 23rd of April by the University of Ljubljana with EUTOPIA partners:

  • CoLeCo stands for Connected Learning Communities and delivers a methodology for enhanced connectivity between the six European universities already participating in the EUTOPIA alliance.

    The CoLeCo project provides the framework, design and means to evolve from independent Learning Units to Connected Learning Communities. It enables educators to embed their individual modules in strong international and cross disciplinary networks, enhancing both the learning experience as well as the impact of learning and research on society. The CoLeCo will become the mechanism for sustainable growth in EUTOPIA through creating value added for all involved:
    • Academic staff amplify pedagogic innovation and outcomes of research at a European scale
    • Students learn to operate at international level and become responsible European citizens 
    • Stakeholders outside academia benefit from innovation and creative solution
    • The Education sector gains a model that supports and monitors the dynamics of transnational learning 

    Overall CoLeCo is a timely and innovative project that addresses the priorities of the European Commission for embedding internationalization in academic curricula, enhancing cooperation between academia and third sector stakeholders and providing evidence based policy recommendations.

    CoLeCo‘s use of blended learning techniques and virtual collaborative platforms is particularly interesting for sustaining internationalization in the disruptive times of Covid 19.
  • Transformative Pedagogy (TraPed) includes 4 partners: CY Cergy Paris University, University of Pompeu Fabra, Vrije Universiteit Brussels and SEFI (European Society for Engineering Education).

    The TraPed project aims to better prepare data science students (to be widen to other disciplines if a success) to answer the continuously evolving needs of companies and institutions, to accelerate the transformation of higher education and to accompany teachers and students through these changes. It will be implemented through activities developing (as a starting point in data science curricula) the use of online courses, innovative working places, innovative pedagogies and promoting soft skills acquired by students through the usage of specific tools.

    At the end of the project, deliverables will include an analysis of online courses, guides of good practices on innovative working spaces and on tools used for the valorisation of soft skills, a transformative pedagogy module and an evaluation of implementation and results.


An Executive Board meeting is being held virtually on Monday, the 11th of May. The WP reports and their revision plan following the Covid-19 situation will be the main agenda of this meeting.

To create EUTOPIA’s educational strategy, the members of WP2 - Education meet at least once each semester. They discuss and evaluate the development of the implementation of the activities of WP2, and prepare the policy brief identifying and describing the conditions of the EUTOPIA educational strategy.

A WP2 - Education meeting is being organized virtually on May 18th.


Brussels & Vienna Summer School on EU Policy Making: Analysing human security in today’s EU
Explore both the old and the new centre of Diplomacy in Europe with this summer school. The intensive two-week programme is held Monday 6 to Friday 17 July 2020. The Institute for European Studies joins forces with the Diplomatische Akademie Wien — Vienna School of International Studies and the University of Vienna to bring you this ‘crash course’ in European Union Policy Making.

Due to the current covid-19 crisis and the accompanying measures in place, this summer school will be offered entirely in synchronous online format. Please do note, that the deadline for application is on June 1st.

More information below.

Barcelona International Summer School
Considering the worldwide situation caused by the spread of the COVID-19, UPF has decided that the Barcelona International Summer School (BISS) goes online for its 2020 edition.

Next July, the BISS will be offering a selection of courses of all areas of knowledge taught at UPF in order to provide local and foreign students alike with an opportunity to reflect on current issues and advance credits in an international virtual experience. Moreover, some courses will address the impact of the COVID-19 situation from different perspectives, ranging from health and society to culture and communication.

An updated calendar and a list of courses will be posted on our website from May 11th on. Be reminded that students from EUTOPIA institutions benefit from the same conditions as UPF students, i.e. no registration fee and UPF public fees (instead of those applicable to international students).

Online registration is open until June 19th. 


University of Ljubljana's Summer Schools
The University of Ljubljana's summer school programs are still open for registration to students and staff at different levels. We are aware of the potential delays or cancellations due to the novel COVID-19 outbreak, and will monitor the travel restrictions and safety measures closely. Relevant information will be constantly updated on the link below.

The summer school programs include PhD conferences, summer schools and training opportunities. The myriad of classes offered through University of Ljubljana are amazing opportunities for learning, networking and travel. Everyone is invited to explore the options and find an enjoyable and productive way to spend their summer. We hope to see you there!

List of the summer school programs and related details can be found through the link below.


May 11th
Executive Board Meeting

May 18th
WP2 - Education Meeting

June 1st
Deadline application for the Brussels & Vienna Summer School on EU Policy Making: Analysing human security in today’s EU

June 19th
Deadline for online registration for the Barcelona International Summer School

June 29th - July 24th
Barcelona International Summer School

July 6th-17th
Brussels & Vienna Summer School on EU Policy Making: Analysing human security in today’s EU

Ljubljana Summer Schools