Publish Date: 08.06.2020

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EUTOPIA PhD co-tutelle program 2020 call results

The EUTOPIA alliance and CY Initiative of Excellence are pleased to announce the results of the EUTOPIA PhD co-tutelle program 2020 call, which was launched in January.
12 PhD co-tutelle projects have been selected, with 4 partners of the EUTOPIA alliance, out of 21 projects submitted jointly by researchers and laboratories from CY Initiative (CY Cergy Paris University and ESSEC) and partner universities (Warwick, VUB, Ljubljana, Pompeu Fabra). The selected projects will be co-financed by CY Initiative for a total of 1.02M euros.  
Details of the results can be found through the following link.
This call for projects has generated a great interest from CY Initiative’s scientific community. Thank you to all the project leaders for their interest and the energy mobilized. 


Call for papers: Journal Teorija in praksa (Theory and Practice) – Special COVID-19 crisis issue 

Teorija in praksa is inviting papers for a thematic issue on the key Societal Challenges of Crisis Response in the Case of Global COVID-19 Crisis. 

Open: May 15th, 2020
Close: 17th January, 2021 

The purpose of this thematic issue of Theory and Practice journal is to give interested authors an opportunity to analyse the: (1) COVID-19 crisis; (2) crisis response at the national or international levels; and/or (3) associated dilemmas from many different social scientific viewpoints. We are looking for articles on the theme from the perspectives of sociology, political science, international relations, security and defence studies, communication science, law etc. We also seek papers on human rights during this crisis and papers on the post-COVID power relations, world order and Europe.  Multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches entailing a group of authors are very welcome. 

The journal is indexed in the following databases.
More Information. 


Barcelona International Summer School (BISS)
Being locked down, we have all found unusual moments to reflect and it seems pertinent to think about the ways we perceive the  Time: is it real or illusory?  Facing an uncertain and changing world, how does communication changes and how should we use media? Moreover, How do social networks shape the information we get and the one we send, when we cannot meet face-to-face? Are health inequalities a pandemic themselves? Or what is the impact of 21st century events in the study of  human rights? These and other questions will feed the experience of the BISS 2020, where  there will also be room for discussion about  ecology and social justice, law and memory, sports management, social innovation, audiovisual creation, the Brexit...

We hope that EUTOPIA students do not miss opportunity to earn credits during the summer with our professors, UPF students and students from all over the world! 

Registration is open until June 19 and we invite students who may have questions or who need further information before joining to connect with us and talk about them. If EUTOPIA students are interested in this online advising, they can fill in this form to inform their availability and we will contact them for a video call with our team. We hope to welcome EUTOPIA students at the BISS 2020 very soon. 

First EUTOPIA Week organized by CY Cergy Paris University
From June 29th to July 3rd, the first EUTOPIA Week of the six planned within the EUTOPIA 2050 project will be hosted by CY Cergy Paris University.

Around given thematics, the purpose of the first EUTOPIA Week 2020 is:

  • to reinforce the alliance’s identity and culture, to celebrate the alliance, 
  • to include all our students and staff into this event,
  • to communicate the event at a French local and regional level
  • to bring together all key actors of the project, 
  • to advance on the scheduled actions of the project,  
  • to make participants discover CY Cergy Paris Université academic and cultural environment. 

During this week are planned: meetings, conferences, workshops, contests, cultural visits and CY University tours. The actors involved are the presidents and the vice presidents, WP leads and co-leads, actions leaders and members, students, staff, academics and researchers from six partners of EUTOPIA.

Due to the current sanitary situation, the first EUTOPIA Week will be held in a virtual version.

Please find here the teaser and a banner announcing this event. More to come soon. 


June 19th 
Deadline for online registration for the Barcelona International Summer School

June 29th-July 3rd
First EUTOPIA Week

July 13th-July 24th
Barcelona International Summer School

July 6th-17th
Brussels & Vienna Summer School on EU Policy Making: Analysing human security in today’s EU

Ljubljana Summer Schools