Publish Date: 13.07.2020

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Upcoming Events

EUTOPIA 2050 Western Balkans Workshop
The University of Ljubljana is organizing its first Western Balkans workshop as a part of the WP5 - Inclusion activities on September 3rd and 4th. The workshop will be organized in cooperation with the University of Zagreb, which will host the workshop in Dubrovnik, Croatia, at the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies.

The two-day workshop will introduce several experts and PhD student speakers from Western Balkans, the EUTOPIA 2050 project and the ERC (European Research Council), who will discuss topics such as the new Horizon Europe 2021 – 2027 programme, Western Balkans universities' organisation and enhancement of research work, as well as the experiences and proposals of PhD and post-doc students of EUTOPIA partner universities.

The workshop will be a great opportunity to establish a strong network between the alliance and Western Balkans universities, and open new opportunities in the field of research and development for students and faculty.

Past Events 

EUTOPIA Week Summary
The first EUTOPIA week (Eweek) was organized by CY Cergy Paris Université from Monday June 29th to Friday July 3rd 2020 entirely online, through social networks and videoconferencing software. A real event that went virtually due to the pandemic situation.

It was an intensive week which we hope: brought cohesion, strengthened a common Eutopian culture and disseminated EUTOPIA to a wider audience through: 

  • 31 events organized during the week for a total of more than 400 participants
  • 31 videos disseminated through the EUTOPIA social networks made of cultural visits, Discover CY videos and Student’s associations’ videos 
  • More than 1400 views for the different events on EUTOPIA’s YouTube channel 
  • 2 contests launched, results here: Photo Contest & Pitch My EUTOPIA 
  • 2 conferences and 3 Noon Talks broadcasted live on YouTube 
  • 2 workshops uniting staff from all 6 universities around 2 topics: “Good practices on welcoming students in post-crisis situation” and “European calls: towards a EUTOPIA strategy” 
  • A Student Forum, including students from all 6 universities, bringing a debate on sustainability and launching the European Universities Student Think Tank (EUSTT
  • 14 Work meetings and 4 Board meetings

Do visit our YouTube channel and our Facebook page to check the content posted during the Eweek. 

Thank you to all the students, staff members and academics from the EUTOPIA community who made this first Eweek possible, and a special thanks to the members of the EUTOPIA community who actively participated in the conferences, Noon Talks and who sent us videos for the Discover CY and the Student’s associations’ Videos.

A press release will follow and be uploaded on the website, so stay tuned. 

If you participated at the Eweek, your opinion on the organization and events of the Eweek is valuable to us. A couple of minutes of your time to answer to the survey (available below) would be greatly appreciated. 
EUTOPIA Week Survey


EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Fellowships Program (EUTOPIA-SIF) – Forthcoming call for applications
The EUTOPIA European University is pleased to announce the forthcoming opening of 20 post-doctoral fellowships, as part of the EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Fellowships Program (EUTOPIA-SIF). The EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Fellowship Program (EUTOPIA-SIF) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement number 945380 and is co-funded by the member universities of EUTOPIA.

The EUTOPIA-SIF program aims at enhancing the research potential and career perspective of outstanding young researchers from around the world. It will provide the opportunity for early-career researchers to develop their independent research and undertake training. Fellows will be hosted by one of the partner universities of EUTOPIA and will be offered extensive mobility opportunities within EUTOPIA and beyond.
Please go trough the link below for more information on the Key Research Areas and on the benefits of the programme.

Call opening and application procedure
All necessary information regarding application procedure, selection criteria, and research topics will be available by 15th October 2020 on EUTOPIA’s website.
The foreseen deadline for applications is January 2021 and contracts are expected to start on September 2021. Details will be provided online.

EUTOPIA Researcher Mobility Program
The Researcher Mobility Program will support research visits of EUTOPIA researchers across EUTOPIA partner universities. The main objective of this program is to foster research collaborations and to allow the sharing of expertise and infrastructures and the development of joint research activities, in line with EUTOPIA’s mission to promote a connected and inclusive academic community, addressing global and local challenges and advancing excellence and inclusion.

The program supports short research visits of 2 to 3 weeks and covers travel, accommodation and living expenses during the stay, within the limit of 3000 euros per project. All students from EUTOPIA universities and from international partners of the six universities of EUTOPIA can apply, except pre-doctoral researchers.

More informations about the application procedure and the program details are available through the link below.

Are you ready to become a Marie Curie fellow at the VUB?
The VUB has identified suitable topics for your 'Marie Sklodowska Curie - Individual Fellowship' proposal.
Based on the candidates area of research, you can identify a number of research topics that have been submitted by VUB research staff. The topics, submitted by the various VUB research groups, constitute suggestions for the development of a proposal; they should assist you in identifying mutual research interests, innovation potential and areas for potential skill acquisition that enhance your research competences. The topics can be used as a basis to discuss collaborating on a MSCA-IF proposal. 

We invite all other EUTOPIA partners to share these topics with their research community and encourage potential participants to liaise with suitable research groups of the VUB.
The website provides further information on the procedure for interested candidates.

Please note:

  • You will only be eligible to submit a proposal if you will have obtained your PhD degree before September 9th, 2020
  • The deadline for application is Sept. 9, 2020, so now is the time to act.

Click the button below to discover all the topics.

International Youth Conference in Gothenburg from 16 to 19 November
With an innovative organized activity borrowing features from both think tanks and international youth conferences, the goal of the IYTT-International Youth Think Tank is to promote a democracy movement among youth in Europe.

Annual youth conferences invites twenty-five 18-24 olds, entrusts them with real-world challenges, treats them as equals, expects them to deliver tangible proposals and to take comments from executives – in other words, the youth starts to develop to democracy entrepreneurs.

Call is now open for applications to the IYTT’s second annual youth conference, which also will test and report new ways of combining and integrating various transport means paving sustainable ways for people and ideas to move across European borders! Please notice that the deadline for applicants is August 12th.

More informations and details about the conference are available though the link below.


EUTOPIA PhD co-tutelle program 2020 call results
The EUTOPIA alliance and CY Initiative of Excellence are pleased to announce the results of the EUTOPIA PhD co-tutelle program 2020 call, which was launched in January.

12 PhD co-tutelle projects have been selected, with 4 partners of the EUTOPIA alliance, out of 21 projects submitted jointly by researchers and laboratories from CY Initiative (CY Cergy Paris University and ESSEC) and partner universities (Warwick, VUB, Ljubljana, Pompeu Fabra). The selected projects will be co-financed by CY Initiative for a total of 1.02M euros.

Details of the results can now be found on the EUTOPIA website, link below.


July 13th-July 24th
Barcelona International Summer School

July 6th-17th
Brussels & Vienna Summer School on EU Policy Making: Analysing human security in today’s EU

Ljubljana Summer Schools

August 12th
Deadline for applicants to the International Youth Conference in Gothenburg

September 3rd-4th
EUTOPIA 2050 Western Balkans Workshop

September 9th
Deadline for the VUB 'Marie Sklodowska Curie - Individual Fellowship' proposal

October 15th
EUTOPIA-SIF Call opening

November 16th - 19th
International Youth Conference in Gothenburg