Publish Date: 16.07.2020

Category: News from the University

On July 15, 1920, the first doctoral degree at the University of Ljubljana was bestowed. It was received by dr. Anka Mayer for the dissertation On the effect of formalin on starch. The fact that the first doctoral degree was bestowed on a woman was also a rarity on a global scale. Four more doctoral students were promoted at the University of Ljubljana in the next decade.

In Slovenia, more than 80 percent doctors of science obtain their PhD at the University of Ljubljana, where we have a long tradition in the field of doctoral studies. The first doctors of science began their studies abroad, and the establishment of the University of Ljubljana in 1919 enabled them to complete it at home. To date, more than 11,900 doctors of science have been bestowed at our University. The jubilee, ten thousandth, was also received in 2015 by a woman, Katarina Polajnar Horvat from the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.

Ana Mayer<br />
Photo: Arhiv UL

Ana Mayer
Photo: Arhiv UL