Publish Date: 17.07.2020

Category: News from the University

The University Botanic Garden Ljubljana, which operates as part of the Department of Biology of the Biotechnical Faculty (UL BF), is celebrating its 210th anniversary this year. The main ceremony featured the unveiling of a bust of the Botanic Garden’s founder, Franc Hladnik, and the planting of a descendant of Marmont's linden tree, which was planted upon the opening of the Garden in 1810 by the Governor-General of the Illyrian Provinces, Marshal Auguste Marmont. 

The Botanic Garden was established as part of the École Centrale university college, which held the status of a university at the time of the Illyrian Provinces. One hundred and nine years later, the first Slovenian university was founded, the University of Ljubljana, and the Botanic Garden fell under its auspices during the first academic year. In 1920, it thus became the University Botanic Garden Ljubljana. “It was noted at that time that the Garden was the University’s best organised part, with firm connections already established with numerous university gardens across Europe and the world,” said Tanja Dmitrovič, Vice-Rector of the University of Ljubljana, in her opening speech. Emil Erjavec, the Dean of the University of Ljubljana’s Biotechnical Faculty, pointed out that the University Botanic Garden Ljubljana is vital in students’ education: “For 210 years, the Botanic Garden has connected theory with practice; while plant knowledge was initially limited to doctors and pharmacists, it is now used for a variety of studies involving plants, as well as for the general public. The expertise that has been amassed within the Garden and is now available to our students and other visitors is the reason why it holds a prominent place in the European Botanic Gardens Consortium. I would like to extend my congratulations to Jože Bavcon and his colleagues, and wish them continued success in their future endeavours.”

The guests included the Director of the Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna, Michael Kiehn, who said that the Botanic Garden is one of the most pro-active within the European Botanic Gardens Consortium: “From among over 3,500 gardens worldwide, the University Botanic Garden Ljubljana was among the first seven to receive two of the highest certificates, namely the BGCI Accredited Botanic Garden and Conservation Practitioner.”

To honour the 210th anniversary of the Botanic Garden, a bust of its founder Franc Hladnik was unveiled and the descendant of the oldest tree in the Garden, Marmont’s linden, was planted. Its predecessor was planted upon the opening of the Garden in 1810 by the Governor-General of the Illyrian Provinces, Marshal Auguste Marmont.