Publish Date: 17.08.2020

Category: News from the University

The University of Ljubljana was informed that several people (mostly from India) got false letters of acceptance to the University of Ljubljana. They were also asked to pay tuition to certain bank account.

Here are two examples of false letters:

There are several mistakes in the letters. If you get a letter of acceptance and if you did actually apply to the University of Ljubljana, but the letter seems false to you, than there are a few things you have to check:

  • Does the letter state, you have to wire some money to certain account? We do not send letters like this.
  • Is the name of the faculty or academy correct? You can find the official names here.
  • Are the emails stated in the letter correct? Our emails have suffix
  • Is the letter signed by Vice-Dean Gabor Janos Vamos? We have Vice-Rectors and there is no such person as Janos Vamos at the University of Ljubljana.