Publish Date: 14.09.2020

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EUTOPIA-TRAIN initiative is awarded a SwafS funding
On July 24, 2020, the EUTOPIA-TRAIN initiative was awarded funding under the Horizon 2020 call Support for the Research and Innovation Dimension of European Universities (SwafS). The project was launched by the EUTOPIA Alliance, a network of six European universities (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, CY Cergy Paris Université, Goeteborgs Universitet, Univerza v Ljubljani, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, University of Warwick) committed to promoting a connected and inclusive academic community through a deep engagement of the alliance with its local and regional ecosystems.

The EUTOPIA Alliance aims to be much more than a university network. It holds a fundamental vision regarding the value-added contribution of academia to society. EUTOPIA-TRAIN sponsors academic innovation with societal impact: it aims to integrate pan-EUTOPIA research and innovation communities and structures and open them to society, business, students and policymakers. The project intends to link the research communities of EUTOPIA with local and international needs of multiple stakeholders at the three levels of the formulation of research agendas, of their execution, and the dissemination of results.

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EUTOPIA Western Balkans workshop
Work package 5 - Inclusion lead, the University of Ljubljana hosted the first, virtual Western Balkans workshop on September 3-4. Initially planned in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the workshop was transformed to an online event due to the current circumstances caused by the COVID-19.

The goal of the workshop was not only to establish regional partnerships with universities in the Western Balkans, but to encourage the transfer of knowledge regarding research support, experiences and research opportunities within EU programmes and initiatives.

Among others, topics such as Horizon Europe 2021-2027, ERC and brain circulation were presented by experts and PhD students from different backgrounds, like European Commission, EUTOPIA, ERC and Western Balkans. The two-day workshop was successfully streamed to viewers from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro.

Next workshop is planned for end of November, 2020.



New UPF program: The UPF Barcelona Program for Interdisciplinary Studies (BaPIS) 
The Barcelona Program for Interdisciplinary Studies (BaPIS) is a cornerstone of UPF’s strategy for internationalization and innovation and a leading-edge Program centered on “Creativity: The Human Factor”. Under this motto, a series of courses promote critical thinking, navigating across disciplines, building on crucial knowledge areas. One of the salient novelties is that the new Program includes STEM disciplines, with special emphasis in Technology and AI. From Ethics to Biology, from Big Data to Humanities, from Legal Systems to Politics and Society, from Economics to Design Thinking, courses atBaPIS aim to stimulate creative approaches to today’s major challenges.

BaPIS is inspired by a ground-breaking conception and methodology by transforming the usual “island programs” in a veritably internationalized program. On top of its interdisciplinary dimension, BaPIS provides an immersive environment, open to international and local students alike. The other main novelty is the incorporation of UPF undergraduate students along with international students from all over the world. This inclusive character makes BaPIS a unique program and fulfills one of our long sought-after aspirations.

By convening students from different backgrounds, from UPF and from other countries, the program offers a collaborative space between instructors and students to set up a fruitful dialogue and effective cross-fertilization of ideas and initiatives. BaPIS has been designed to satisfy the expectations of students with a good academic standing, inquisitive mind and intellectual curiosity and will run each Fall and Winter terms starting in January 2021.

We definitely invite you to visit the BaPIS website to check the courses and syllabi available in Winter 2021 and the calendar (from January 18 to March 25, 2021). More information about application and registration will be published soon.



EUTOPIA Researcher Mobility Program
The Researcher Mobility Program will support research visits of EUTOPIA researchers across EUTOPIA partner universities. The main objective of this program is to foster research collaborations and to allow the sharing of expertise and infrastructures and the development of joint research activities, in line with EUTOPIA’s mission to promote a connected and inclusive academic community, addressing global and local challenges and advancing excellence and inclusion.

The program supports short research visits of 2 to 3 weeks and covers travel, accommodation and living expenses during the stay, within the limit of 3000 euros per project. All students from EUTOPIA universities and from international partners of the six universities of EUTOPIA can apply, except pre-doctoral researchers.

More informations about the application procedure and the program details are available here. 

EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Fellowships Program (EUTOPIA-SIF) – Forthcoming call for applications
The EUTOPIA European University is pleased to announce the forthcoming opening of 20 post-doctoral fellowships, as part of the EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Fellowships Program (EUTOPIA-SIF). The EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Fellowship Program (EUTOPIA-SIF) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement number 945380 and is co-funded by the member universities of EUTOPIA.

The EUTOPIA-SIF program aims at enhancing the research potential and career perspective of outstanding young researchers from around the world. It will provide the opportunity for early-career researchers to develop their independent research and undertake training. Fellows will be hosted by one of the partner universities of EUTOPIA and will be offered extensive mobility opportunities within EUTOPIA and beyond.

Please go trough the link below for more information on the Key Research Areas and on the benefits of the programme.

Call opening and application procedure

All necessary information regarding application procedure, selection criteria, and research topics will be available by 15th October 2020 on EUTOPIA’s website.

The foreseen deadline for applications is January 2021 and contracts are expected to start on September 2021. Details will be provided online.

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October 15th
EUTOPIA-SIF Call opening 

November 16th - 19th
International Youth Conference in Gothenburg 

November 23rd - 27th

January 18 - March 25, 2021
UPF Barcelona Program for Interdisciplinary Studies (BaPIS)