Publish Date: 16.09.2020

Category: News from the University

Due to the epidemiological situation, this year's Freshmen Welcome will be held in a slightly different way, but we will nevertheless make sure to accompany freshmen and older colleagues to the new academic year in a fun and educational way.

This year, students will get to know each other, the University of Ljubljana, its 26 members, teachers … in the safe shelter of the Internet. From October 1, a special website and application will be launched in Slovene and English, which will be available throughout academic year.

Individual members of the University of Ljubljana (3 art academies and 23 faculties) will present themselves on the interactive website, and students will be greeted by deans through video address. We will set up "virtual stands" on which other study-related activities will be presented.

We are also preparing special content for the website, which will equip students with useful knowledge and skills of each of the 26 members.

You are invited to follow the Instagram profiles @studentskisvetul and @uni_ljfor more information on Freshmen Welcome 2020.

Pozdrav brucem 2020 v interaktivni spletni izvedbi