Publish Date: 05.10.2020

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Next EUTOPIA Week: Save the date!
The University of Warwick are hosting the second EUTOPIA week from the 23rd – 27th November 2020.
EUTOPIA week will feature a range of events aimed at internal and external stakeholders: be sure to save the date!
Further information, including a programme, will be circulated shortly. 

First EUTOPIA Learning Communities kicking off!
EUTOPIA’s curriculum team is pleased to announce that, with the start of the new academic year, the first operational activities of the Learning Communities (LC) are slowly but surely kicking off.
Through a series of virtual meetings organized over the summer, each Learning Community formulated a set of shared ambitions for creating cross-institutional connections during the academic year 2020-2021.
The table below summarizes agreed actions (on the left: ambitions that emerged in all Learning Communities – on the right: actions that have not (yet) been discussed in all Learning Communities).


LC members will share: 

Student Assessment 
LC members will co-design: 
Poster Presentations 
Online Experiments 
Student Conference

Virtual Guest Lectures 
LCs pool lectures of:  
LC members 

LC members co-host: 
Fortnightly or monthly  sessions of research groups 
Undergraduate Research Activities 

Student Led 
LCs facilitate cross-campus: 
Peer Feedback Sessions 
Student Colloquia 
Buddy Schemes 

Learn more on EUTOPIA’s educational model
Learn more on the first Learning Communities 


WeDiscover Days Barcelona
As a starting point for the Open Innovation Challenge, axis of the Working Package 4 - Place-Making, Pompeu Fabra University is organizing the WeDiscover Days Barcelona that will be held on the 28th, 29th and 30th October 2020.

It is an event that is conceived and based on a close collaboration with experts, institutions, cultural centres and other social and local entities.

The WeDiscover Days Barcelona will help students to start their discovery process in order to acquire knowledge beyond the university campuses. From a student’s perspective, and with the motto “from local to global”, EUTOPIA students will be inspired by the problems and concerns of our society, searching for practical solutions to be applied on a global scale.

The WeDiscover Days Barcelona will be completely virtual, due the Covid-19 situation. With a program that will include conferences, talks, activities and visits, students will rethink scenarios related to the Sustainable Development Goals' framework:

  1. Climate Emergency
  2. Transport and mobility
  3. Healthy Food / Sustainable food production and consumption
  4. Social Inclusion / Fighting Inequality
  5. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable 

Save the date and stay tuned!
Official program will be shared soon. 

UNI.MINDS festival
UNI.MINDS is a unique online festival connecting the largest Slovenian universities and industry. The festival will be held online from 5-24 November. With this festival, we hope to make our future healthy, smart and sustainable  - join us and let's build a better world together. 
The UNI.MINDS festival is organized by knowledge transfer offices of the University of Ljubljana and the University of Maribor. The 20-day event is made of 23 online sessions and it will host 100+ speakers from academia and industry on 1 online platform for connecting with future partners. 
As the main partner of the event, Novartis Slovenia is going to host their Second Researcher's Day as part of the UNI.MINDS festival on November 10th. For more information, check the UNI.MINDS website through the link below.

UNI.MINDS will give you the opportunity to get to know European and world development trends, activities and competencies of both universities, as well as good practices of collaboration between academia and industry. Participating faculties will also organize bonus workshops for Companies offering new knowledge and skills.

»Two different worlds, one goal: to build a better future.«

Register now and get your free ticket! The number of participants is limited.
More information can be found in this introductory video and through the link below. 
More information 


The 8th International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)
ICUR 2020 will take place on the 29th and 30th September 2020. It is organized by the University of Warwick and also involves EUTOPIA students. They will present their research in video-linked sessions with partner universities around the world. For this 2020 edition, there will be students from universities across 5 continents with spoken and poster presentations over 48 hours.

You can view the spoken presentation schedules for each participation institutions on

To attend ICUR 2020 virtually, download and register with the ICUR App. Watch sessions, participate, interact and ask questions without leaving your home. No matter which time zone you live in, you will have access to any panel that is taking place while you are logged in to the ICUR App. Available now to download on both mobile and desktop devices via both the Apple and Google Play stores. 


October 19th
EUTOPIA-SIF Call opening

October 28-30
WeDiscover Days Barcelona

November 5th - 24th
UNI.MINDS online festival

November 23th - 27th

November 16th - 19th
International Youth Conference in Gothenburg

January 18 - March 25, 2021
UPF Barcelona Program for Interdisciplinary Studies (BaPIS)