Publish Date: 03.02.2021

Category: News from the University

Statement by the Rector of the University of Ljubljana, Prof. Dr. Igor Papič

“Evidence has come to light of sexual harassment at the University of Ljubljana and in the wider academic environment. Such conduct is repulsive, unacceptable and is sincerely regretted.

I would reiterate that the University of Ljubljana has zero tolerance towards any forms of harassment or aggression. Disciplinary violations, and especially reports of suspected sexual abuse, have thus far been rare at this University. We take all complaints or reports extremely seriously, but if they are not sufficiently specific or substantiated, it is hard to take effective action.

Procedures in cases of suspected violation of the dignity of individuals are laid down in the Rules on Measures to Protect the Dignity of Employees at the University of Ljubljana and Students of the University of Ljubljana. In certain places we will make these Rules even clearer, and a group will begin work to address issues of the various forms of aggression in the academic environment. We are aware that the issue needs to be solved systemically, specifically on three levels: prevention through awareness-raising, protection of victims of reports and faster and more effective action.

I once again call on anyone who has been or is being subjected to any kind of harassment or aggression within the University of Ljubljana, to summon up their courage and report this as soon as possible, along with specific details that will enable us to take appropriate action. The academic environment must be uncompromising in its provision of dependable safety, both for employees and students. And I will not compromise on this.”

Prof. Dr. Igor Papič,
Rector of the University of Ljubljana