Publish Date: 04.03.2021

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Consortium-related News 

EUTOPIA’s Connected Learning Communities becoming ever more … connected!
EUTOPIA’s innovative educational model revolves around the creation of Connected Learning Communities (CoLeCo’s). The first six CoLeCo’s are well into their first operational year, and the first student-centered activities are beginning to take shape. With successful cross-campus student activities, such as a virtual policy making simulation exercise on the EU Digital Services Act (CoLeCo Europe in the World) and a seminar on linguistic landscaping (CoLeCo Multilingualism & Diversity), which both took place at the beginning of February, the tone has been set, and EUTOPIA’s CoLeCo’s are becoming ever more connected. Next on the agenda: a data-driven student debate on covid-19 (CoLeCo Data & Critical Thinking), and a cross-EUTOPIA experiment on emotions and cognition (CoLeCo Introduction to Cognitive Science)!

More on EUTOPIA’s educational model
More on EUTOPIA’s first six CoLeCo’s


Academic ceremony to invest Angela Y. Davis as doctor honoris causa

Jaume Casals, rector of Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, is pleased to invite you to the academic ceremony to invest as doctor honoris causa Angela Y. Davis, American political activist and Distinguished Professor Emerita at the University of California, Santa Cruz, which will take place on Tuesday, March 9th 2021 at 7.00 p.m. (CET).

The laudatio will be given by Tània Verge and Linda G. Jones, professors in the UPF departments of Political and Social Sciences and of Humanities, respectively. 

The ceremony will be broadcast live, and can be followed on the University’s website

UNITE! public session on European Values and Innovation

Unite! convenes every 6 month for its big event, the Unite! Dialogue. Its 3rd  Dialogue, hosted by Grenoble INP-UGA, will begin with a public session on European Values and Innovation on 9 March 2021, 09:00-10:30 CET.
Unite! President Tanja Brühl will present the most important developments in the alliance and welcome as keynote speakers Constance Chevallier Govers and Stephane Hubac. Based on their remarks, Unite! colleagues and participating guests will share their experiences collaborating on European initiatives and discuss how European Universities can and will promote European values, responsible citizenship, and innovation.
The event will take place via Zoom.
Please find more information here and register to receive the link to the meeting. 

Webinar “Outcomes of the EUniQ Pilots and Implications for the Framework for QA of European Universities”

In September 2020, EUTOPIA participated in EUniQ’s research on the Framework for Quality Assurance for European Universities in the form of a pilot voluntary QA assessment of the alliance.
During this webinar, the results of the EUniQ pilot evaluations will be presented as well as the implications for the Framework for QA of European Universities that was tested in the pilot evaluations. 
It will take place on Tuesday 9th March 2021 from 9:30 to 12:30 (CET).
The event is open to all who are interested and participation is free. The webinar is especially targeted towards the representatives of quality assurance agencies, university networks, national ministries responsible for higher education and European stakeholder organisations. 

Please find here the draft programme.
The webinar will be hosted on ENQA’s Zoom platform.
Registration is required and can be done via this link.
The link to the webinar will be sent to all registered participants in due time by co-organiser AIC. 

Summaries of the EUniQ pilot panel reports.

International higher education forum 2021: keeping higher education global

The International Higher Education Forum 2021 is a two-day online conference organised by Universities UK and Universities UK International on April 13-14. Often abbreviated to IHEF, it is a flagship conference that is held annually.

IHEF is an opportunity to connect with higher education professionals around the world on the greatest challenges facing the sector. On the agenda this year are topics such as: 

  • Will Covid-19 fundamentally reshape the way university systems around the world conduct their international activities?
  • What does EU recruitment look like in a post-Brexit world?
  • What is the future of international research funding?
  • Is now the time to expand transnational education activity?
  • How can smaller and specialist institutions develop their international strategies?
  • The international student experience: what can we learn from the pandemic? 

To learn more.


Student-led summer conference ‘Rethinking SDG UN 2030 in the Post Pandemic Era

Interested in Sustainability? Having great ideas on how to reboot our society after Covid? Come and share your research and ideas with other students from across the international EUTOPIA network.
The conference will be student-led, strengthening the student-centred value emphasized in the alliance, giving a main role to them, their rich ideas and voices speaking from all over Europe. 

How to participate: 

A - Students are invited to contribute during the conference in the following formats:

  • inspirational pitch
  • poster presentation
  • round table
  • workshop

Proposals for contributions can be sent in until April 15th 2021 (mail to: .
(ERRATUM in the documents: there is a confusion with dates in the document CALL - CONTRIBUTIONS, between May 16th and April 15th)

B - Help organizing the event

  • as a member of the organizing committee
  • as a member of the scientific committee

Send in an email explaining why you are interested in participating in the organizing and/or scientific committee of the summer conference to Lola Berna Gascón () before 22nd of March 2021.

More details on the participation possibilities in the documents below:
Call for contributions
Call for helping in the organisation of the event

Barcelona International Summer School 

EUTOPIA partners are invited to take part in the Barcelona International Summer School (BISS). In 2021, the BISS will offer both online and in-campus courses, all of them following the principles that inspire the BISS: interdisciplinarity, innovative approaches and current topics.
This year’s selection of courses represent all areas of knowledge taught at UPF covering topics such as Social Movements, Citizen Science, Public Health, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Humanities, Global Justice, Artificial Intelligence or Media studies to name just some.
Registration is open until June 15, and all relevant information is already updated at the BISS website.

Please, be reminded that students from EUTOPIA institutions benefit from the same conditions as UPF students, i.e. no registration fee and UPF public fees (instead of those applicable to other international students).  
We are looking forward to EUTOPIA students at the BISS! 

If you have any questions, please contact Lucia Conte ().


Two year research mobility projects between VUB and CY
The Flemish funding agency FWO has reached again an agreement with the Embassy of France in Belgium and Campus France to fund two-year mobility projects in all scientific disciplines. The Tournesol programme mainly aims to focus on junior researchers:

At Flemish side, the Principal Investigator can only have a postdoctoral experience of maximally 12 years. In addition, the researchers performing the exchanges towards France, can only be predoctoral researchers or researchers with a postdoctoral experience of maximally 12 years. At French side, priority is also given to junior researchers. As a consequence, the seniority of the Principal Investigator and the researchers performing the exchanges towards Flanders, will be taken into account when evaluating the project proposals. 

Applications can be submitted from the 1st of February 2021 till the 31st of March 2021. Project proposals have to be submitted simultaneously at FWO by a research group from Flanders and at Campus France by a research group from France.

Joint research opportunity VUB - UL

Joint research projects between EUTOPIA partners Vrije Universiteit Brussel and University of Ljubljana can be funded by a bilateral agreement between the Flemish and Slovenian funding agencies (FWO and ARRS). The objective of the call is to advance fundamental scientific research, on initiative of the researcher, in all scientific disciplines
Normal project duration is four years (minimum two years), expected  of projects Jan. 1st, 2022. Junior and senior researchers projects can be awarded. Costs of staff, consumables and equipment are eligible for funding.
More info on weave platform (insert FWO and ARRS as organisations in the on-line tool)
Eligibility and funding conditions available at 

Deadline for submission is April 1st, 2021. Submission should be done at the 2 funding agencies based on a joint research project.
Express your interest to your European Liaison Office preferably by Jan. 25 and get in contact with potential partners.
More info and guidance?
- For VUB researchers: contact Tania Van Loon 
- For UL researchers: contact Rebeka Lesjak 


January 18th - March 25th
UPF Barcelona Program for Interdisciplinary Studies (BaPIS)

February 1st - March 31st
Two year research mobility projects between VUB and CY with the FWO and Campus France

March 3rd
Debate against other teams from different EUTOPIA universities in the online EUTOPIA inter-university debate (Deadline for registration on February 5th)

March 29th - April 1st
weDISCOVER.week (More information to come)

April 1st
Deadline for Joint research opportunity VUB - UL submission (insert FWO and ARRS as organisations in the on-line tool)

April 12th - 16th
EUTOPIA Week in Gothenburg (more information to come)

April 13th - 14th
International higher education forum 2021: keeping higher education global

April 28th
Application deadline for PhD co-tutelle fellowships funding within the EUTOPIA alliance 

May 1st
Deadline for application to VUB's Summer school on EU policy-making: analysing civil rights in the EU

June 7th - August 27th
Data Science for Social Good summer programme (University of Warwick)

July 5th - 16th
VUB's Summer school on EU policy-making: analysing civil rights in the EU

July 5th - July 30th
The University of Gothenburg’s Summer School for Sustainability

July 5th - July 30th

Barcelona International Summer School

August 9th - 13th
VUB's Biotech summer school: where biology meets technology (its taking place will depend on the sanitary crisis, more information in April)