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Consortium-related News 

Spotlight on the EUTOPIA Educational Model

EUTOPIA’s educational model is making waves beyond our alliance!
On 27 September 2021, EUTOPIA’s Quality Assurance Director Tomaž Deželan spoke at the EUniQ final conference, shedding light on ‘Quality Assurance of the EUTOPIAn Educational Model’. Other speakers in attendance included Vanessa Debiais-Sainton (European Commission), Magalie Soenen (Flemish Ministry of Education & Training) and Mark Frederiks (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders – NVAO).
On 30 September 2021, EUTOPIA’s Coordinator for Education & Students Rosette S’Jegers featured as a panellist at the UNICA Rectors’ panel “The Future of European University Alliances”, in the company of representatives of other European University Alliances (CIVIS, UnaEuropa, CircleU and 4EU+) as well as Sophia Eriksson Waterschoot (DG-EAC, European Commission) and Luciano Saso (UNICA President).

More on the EUTOPIA Educational Model here.

Launch of the EUTOPIA Student Think Tank

The EUTOPIA Student Think Tank (EUSTT) is a new space for giving voice to European students’ shared knowledge.

The EUSTT is an initiative of the EUTOPIAn Student Council aiming to empower students’ thinking across disciplines and across the continent. Ranging from topics such as ‘Neoliberalism as seen by young Chilean filmmakers’ to ‘Sustainable food practices in universities’, EUSTT is the place to be to read what keeps our EUTOPIAn students up at night, or to share your student thoughts with an international audience.

Urgent appeal to EU governments and institutions to take action to protect Afghanistan’s scholars, researchers and civil society actors

EUTOPIA endorses the urgent appeal launched by Scholars at Risk, urging European Governments and EU institutions to take immediate action to secure the lives and careers of Afghanistan’s scholars, students and civil society actors. More info here.


Fourth Western Balkans Workshop: Strategies of University Internationalization - October 11 - 12 2021

The fourth in the series of eight Western Balkans workshops is planned for October 11-12, 2021. The theme of the event will be Strategies of university internationalization, with specific reference to student mobility.

The workshop will host representatives from EUTOPIA partner universities, Western Balkans universities and their students, as well as representatives from other international organizations such as The Guild. The importance of such discussion will be underlined with experiences of mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic and what does it mean for the future of mobility.

The Western Balkans workshops are an initiative of the EUTOPIA Alliance to promote and nourish regional inclusion and cooperation, as well as open more opportunities for future cooperation and partnerships.

The event will be held online through Zoom. Check out the program here. You can register here for Day 1 and here for Day 2.

UUKI (Universities UK International) new monthly webinar series

The post-Covid-19 era has brought in its wake challenging short and mid-term implications for universities.

Continue to join us for this monthly webinar series with partners, ​designed to help enable universities to develop their international strategies.
The next planned webinar are:

  • The impact of COVID19 on international education and the road to recoveryOctober 14 2021 in conversation with Navitas: The series provides deep insight into the global international student market and cast forward findings to make some concrete prediction on what 2022 might hold.
  • The impact of technology on internationalisation strategies, November 25 2021 in conversation with Pearson: Covers the rise of technology in education delivery and assessment, explores the benefits and limitations of technology in addressing the expectations and requirements of international markets and students.

To learn more click here. To register click here.

EUTOPIA-SIF Kick-Off, October 14, 2021

The EUTOPIA European University is delighted to invite you to the official EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Fellowship Program Kick-Off, a full-day online event to introduce you to the programme , its activities and meet the first cohort of fellows.
The event will take place on 14 October 2021, 10:00-16:00 CET.
The participation to the event is free and open.
Looking forward to sharing with you this first EUTOPIA-SIF plenary event!

Check out the programme of the day and register here.

EUTOPIA Webinar on Open Science - October 25, 2021

Open Science is an umbrella term for practices that seek to make science more transparent, participatory and inclusive, reproducible, and its outputs more accessible and re-usable. It emphasizes collaboration, transparency, accessibility, quality and reliability, as well as openness to society.

In this webinar, expert speakers from inside and outside the EUTOPIA university alliance will talk about the rationale behind doing Open Science and introduce useful concepts, approaches, and practices. It aims to support researchers, staff, and students at EUTOPIA universities in applying Open Science practices within their daily research.

Speakers include: 

  • Jean-Claude Burgelman, Professor of Open Science Policy, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Hugh Shanahan, Professor of Open Science, Royal Holloway University, London
  • Antica Culina, Researcher, Netherlands Institute of Ecology(NIOO-KNAW); Coordinator, SPI-Birds Network & Database

Register here.



Online info session on the Postdoctoral fellowship program of FWO organized at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel - October 6 2021

Are you on the lookout for opportunities to conduct postdoctoral research in the capital of Europe? Do you wish to apply for a personal fellowship to achieve your research goals?

Then the online info session organized by the VUB R&D department is of interest to you: the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) will explain its postdoctoral fellowship program and all the modalities that accompany such an application.

You are kindly invited to attend this info session on October 6th, 2021, from 10-12AM (Central European Summer Time) with the opportunity to ask questions to the FWO representative and the Research & Grant Officers of VUB. 

and register here.

Inaugural session of the European Student Assembly - Applications by November 14th

Students, it is time to make your voices heard!

The European Universities Community (EUC) is a grassroots initiative gathering students from European University Alliances. Its objective is to give all European students a voice in the Conference on the Future of Europe launched by the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the European Council on May 9th, 2021.

As part of EUC, the inaugural session of the European Student Assembly will bring together 200/300 student representatives from all 41 European University Alliances, for a conference to be held at the European parliament in Strasbourg in March 2022. Together, you will discuss some of the more complex challenges that the EU faces today to eventually make recommendations to European policymakers. A certificate of participation will be awarded to all participants at the end of the project. 
Submit your application here.

EUTOPIA-SIF Post-Doctoral Fellowship – Call for applications 2021/2022

The EUTOPIA European University is pleased to inform you about the launch of the second call for applications of the MSCA COFUND “EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programme EUTOPIA-SIF), for the recruitment of 21 post-doctoral fellows by the EUTOPIA universities.

EUTOPIA-SIF fellowships offer the opportunity to high-profile young researchers to develop their own research projects in the stimulating academic environment of the EUTOPIA Alliance. 

Extensive research mobility is integral to the fellowships with two compulsory secondment periods: one at another EUTOPIA university (co-host university) and one with an external academic or non-academic partner institution with the aim of fostering the fellows’ entrepreneurial spirit, tangible research impact and innovation. Furthermore, fellows will access a rich training programme, career guidance and academic supervision.

  • The call for applications opens on the 20 September 2021.
  • An optional pre-application stage will be available to help candidates find a host research group from 20 September to 25 October 2021, 13:00 CET.
  • The call deadline is 10 January 2022, 13:00 CET.
  • Positions will start in September 2022.

Relevant application material.

Application platform.


EUTOPIA alliance enlargement, September 15 - 16 2021

On September 16, 2021, three new universities officially joinedthe EUTOPIA alliance in a ceremony held in Brussels.

The Technische Universität Dresden, the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, and the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, are since last Thursday, the three new members of the EUTOPIA alliance of European Universities.

The rectors of the alliance met in person in Brussels to sign on the entrance of the new universities and their growing involvement, particularly regarding the future of the alliance in anticipation of a new bid for the European Commission.

Find the press release here.

The Warwick Economics Summit - February 4 - 6 2022

The Warwick Economics Summit (WES) is looking for EUTOPIAn students to act as ambassadors and to build delegations to attend the hybrid event on 4-6th February 2022.

WES is the largest student-run academic conference in Europe, covering the fields of economics, politics, and the wider social sciences. The 2021 virtual Summit attracted delegates from more than 185 universities and addressed the most pressing global issues in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

WES2022 will be a hybrid Summit combining in-person and virtual events. Through a world-class speaker line-up, WES Blogs (where students across the world write on different topics), a Student Speakers Series and our exclusive Meet the Speaker series as well as numerous networking and career events that provide a chance to discuss topics relevant to the world, we offer a unique opportunity for students to meet and learn from world leaders and fellow students.

The WES team would very much like to welcome students from across the EUTOPIA alliance to WES2022 and to participate in this rich programme of events.

More info on the summit here.

More info on the ambassador scheme in this brochure.


October 11th - 12th
Fourth Western Balkans Workshop: Strategies of University Internationalization

October 14th
UUKI Webinar: The Impact of COVID-19 on international education and the road to recovery

October 14th

October 25th
Webinar on Open Science

October 26th
Career Ambassador Workshop "Expat life series": Expat life in Sweden

November 14th
Deadline for applications to the European Student Assembly

November 22nd - 26th
Fourth EUTOPIA Week - Barcelona

December 1st
Deadline for applications to Postdoctoral fellowship opportunities at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

January 10th
Deadline for applications to the Second SIF Post-Doctoral Fellowship call

February 4th - 6th
Warwick Economic Summit

Hackathon in Gothenburg (Open Innovation Challenge)