Publish Date: 21.01.2022

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Today's Spotlight 

EUTOPIA wishes you a Happy New Year for 2022!

2021 has been quite a year for us all! We hope that this year has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues, and your loved ones. We look forward to what of 2022 has in store for us!

We wish you a very happy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year!

Alliance News 

EUTOPIA curriculum team secures Erasmus+ funding with FLECSLAB proposal

The EU Key Action 2 Proposal FLECSLAB introduced by the central EUTOPIA curriculum team has been approved in November 2021. It will be starting in January 2022, and will run for a period of three years. FLECSLAB focuses on the potential of the EUTOPIA Educational Model for lifelong learning purposes.

The building blocks of FLECSLAB are the work being undertaken in and with the Connected Learning Communities, linking best practices in open and active learning across the EUTOPIA partner universities.

EUTOPIA Educational Board publishes 3rd strategic note

Life Cycle and Sustainability of the EUTOPIA Connected Learning Communities

This is the third, in a series of four, strategic reflections on the developments of the EUTOPIA educational model during the 2019-2022 pilot phase. This note gives insight in the dynamics for building cross-campus connectedness in the lifecycle of the EUTOPIA Connected Learning Communities and provides a framework for supporting the CLCs to reach their innovation potential.

Drawing on the experience of the pilot, CLCs require a period of 3 years from inception to integration. After that development period, CLCs do not cease to exist but their position in EUTOPIA changes; they move to an autonomous status and EUTOPIA partners should be in a position to integrate them as conduits for continued connectedness and innovation.

Read the full note here and .

Partner News 

The University of Ljubljana has been granted its sixth prestigious project by the European Research Council (ERC)

Anna Dragoš, Assistant Professor and PhD from the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, as well as a member of the EUTOPIA Young Leaders Academy, won 2,2 million EUR for her project "PHAGECONTROL - The evolution of host manipulation by bacteriophage."

"We envisage a large potential of discovering a significant part of the genetic ‘black box’ of viruses and new antimicrobial substances transferred by viruses. These could prove to be useful in medicine, for example as alternatives to antibiotics." noted Asst. Prof. Anna Dragoš.

Read the full article here.

The Universidade NOVA de Lisboa organizes a webinar on "Models for Internationalization of Higher Education: towards inclusive universities and sustainable communities", January 24, 2022

This webinar will focus on the different models for internationalization of Higher Education Institutions and the positive impact in the cities and the communities in which these institutions are located.

The event is hosted by Universities Portugal (Lisbon Consortium).
Check out the full programme here and register here.


Research assessment and Open Science Workshop: Towards a framework policy for EUTOPIA, January 18, 2022

EUTOPIA-TRAIN is developing a framework policy for research assessment and new (Open Science) metrics.

This event will start a broad co-creation process across EUTOPIA to develop a framework policy for research assessment and the role of Open Science practices. During the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to learn about universities that have started a process of research assessment reform and to discuss and reflect on the way research is evaluated currently, and gather views on the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches. Check out the programme here.

This workshop is targeted at Researchers and academic staff, university leadership and administrative/support staff, doctoral candidates and everyone else interested in the topic of research assessment and/or Open Science. Register here.

If you have any questions, .

Student Career Ambassador Workshop: Job Opportunities in the EU Institutions, January 20, 2022

Are you interested in a career within EU institutions like the European Council, European Commission, the European Parliament or Court of Justice? If so, then this workshop is for you! During this workshop, Germán de Melo Ponce, Team Leader and Policy Officer in Customs Legislation at the European Commission, will introduce you to the eligibility criteria to meet in order to work in EU institutions.

He will explain the selection process for Officials and Contract agents, as well as for internships opportunities (specifically in the European Parliament, Commission, and Council).

The workshop will take place on Thursday, January 20th, at 6 p.m. CET on Zoom. Register here.

More information on the Student Career Ambassadors here.

UNICA – Eutopia Train webinar & workshop: “How to engage citizens in your research?”, February 15, 2022

This event is divided into two parts.

First, during the webinar, international experts share with the audience inspiring insights on how to build and keep sustainable relationships and fruitful collaborations with citizens, both at the start of and during a citizen science research project. The webinar is open to anyone interested in citizen science.

Second, the workshop will introduce you to tools that can be used to start up a citizen science project and motivate citizen scientists to get involved. Register here.

Find more information here and the full programme here.


The EUTOPIA Student Think Tank (EUSTT) is hiring!

EUSTT has become the largest student-led initiative in the EUTOPIA Alliance. Do you want to be part of an international project involving 10 leading European universities and 240.000 students?

EUSTT is looking for students to take up the following roles: general coordinator, director of communication, vice-director of communication, content creator, editor/language expert, international officer, head of events. Shoot your shot and apply before January 21st! Apply here.

Student funding opportunity: The EUTOPIA Undergraduate Research Support Scheme 2022

The EUTOPIA Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (EURSS) provides scholarships of €1500 for students to lead their own international research projects during the summer vacation period. Students will develop valuable transferable skills, build their confidence and enhance their CVs and job prospects.

The EURSS will be open for applications until February 28, 2022. More information and registration here,

Need some more inspiration? Take a look at the projects that were funded last year at the 2021 EURSS showcase!

EUTOPIA Researcher Mobility Programme (RMP)

The Researcher Mobility Program (RMP) will support research visits of EUTOPIA researchers across partner universities. The main objective of this program is to foster research collaborations, to allow the sharing of expertise and infrastructures, and the development of joint research activities in line with EUTOPIA’s mission to promote a connected and inclusive academic community, addressing global and local challenges and advancing excellence and inclusion. More information here.

The program supports short research visits of two to three weeks and covers travel, accommodation, and living expenses during the stay, within the limit of 3000€ per project. All researchers from the original six EUTOPIA universities (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, CY Cergy Paris Université, University of Gothenburg, Univerity of Ljubljana, University of Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, and the University of Warwick)and from international partners of the six universities can apply, except pre-doctoral researchers. Find programme guidelines here.


Warwick Statistics Research Internships - Deadline February 13, 2022, Mobility between July - August 2022

The University of Warwick is pleased to announce the launch of the Warwick Statistics Research Internship, which will run in July - August 2022. The scheme is primarily (but not exclusively) intended for students in at least their penultimate undergraduate year. All students of EUTOPIA are eligible.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to conduct an independent research project under the supervision of a member of academic staff, be part of a cohort of like-minded students with cohort-based seminars and social events, receive a weekly £350 bursary for 8 weeks, and gain first-hand experience of what postgraduate research can entail.

The application deadline is 13 February 2022. Projects will be allocated at the start of the internship, so it is not necessary to have one in mind when applying. More information and registration procedure.



January 18th
Research assessment and Open Science Workshop: Towards a framework policy for EUTOPIA

January 20th
Career Ambassador Workshop: "Job opportunities in EU Institutions"

January 21st
Deadline for applications to the EUSTT positions

January 24th
"Models for Internationalization of Higher Education: towards inclusive universities and sustainable communities" Webinar by Universidade NOVA

February 4th - 6th
Warwick Economic Summit

February 13th
Deadline for applications to the Warwick Statistics Research Internships

February 15th
UNICA – Eutopia Train webinar & workshop: “How to engage citizens in your research?”

February 22nd
Career Ambassador Workshop: "Moving to France"

February 23rd to 25th
Hackathon in Gothenburg (Open Innovation Challenge)

February 28th
Deadline for applications: EURSS 2022