Publish Date: 14.03.2022

Category: News from the University

The Innovative Learning and Teaching for Quality Careers of Graduates and Excellent Higher Education (INOVUP) project has been recognised by the OECD and the European Commission as a good practice in enhancing the quality of higher education learning and teaching. At the 5th LMRO-PI 5 Peer Learning Seminar "Supporting improvements in teaching and learning to meet student needs and labour market demands" on 10 March 2022, 25 institutions presented examples of good practices and improvements in teaching and learning, tailored to meet student needs and labour market demands.

The INOVUP project was presented at the seminar by the Chairman of the INOVUP Project Board, Prof. dr. Tomaž Deželan, who highlighted the following key achievements and success factors: increased access to support in the area of teaching and learning for all higher education teachers and other employees; the introduction of the first comprehensive set of training courses for the development of teaching and learning at a national level; the organisation of training courses for different target groups of participants and for different fields and disciplines; the permanent support for higher education teachers, which has been of essential importance especially during the epidemic; and the outstanding cooperation of all public higher education institutions in the area of strengthening teaching and learning in higher education. The INOVUP project, co-financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Social Fund, has delivered more than 300 training sessions on innovating learning and teaching, involving more than 7,700 higher education teachers and staff, in the three years since its launch. It has also been recognised that INOVUP has responded quickly to the challenges of the COVID-19 epidemic, thus ensuring that higher education teachers and other employees are adequately supported, and at the same time raising awareness of the importance of learning and teaching, especially in the light of the new and uncertain situation due to the pandemic.

The participants agreed that digitisation, curriculum understanding and pedagogical competence are of paramount importance for the quality of the learning process, stressing that students must not be forgotten and that an environment in which teachers and students interact must be created.

We are therefore also pleased that the excellent work of the INOVUP project has been recognised by such a forum, which understands the complexity of the educational process and critically assesses it at European level. This gives us added impetus to continue working on our objectives beyond the end of the project.