Publish Date: 22.04.2022

Category: Eutopia

Issues such as mental health, new forms of student engagement and political participation, and lack of opportunity, need to remain on the agenda of student-centred projects and alliances. The aim of the 2022 BeEUTOPIAn Student Conference, under the motto 'The New Possible, At Hand' is to do just that: reclaim a meaningful space for university students across Europe, with the participation of key speakers.

The themes for the two days of conferences are: 'Young Mental Health in the Post-Pandemic', and 'EE: EUTOPIA Engaged' (Youth engagement and Youth association in Europe).

The BeEUTOPIAn conference will take place from April 25th to 26th both online and face-to-face at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Learn more here.

Študentska konferenca BeEUTOPIAn 2022