Publish Date: 10.10.2022

Category: News from the University

We are happy to announce our upcoming EUTOPIA Week, which will be hosted by the University of Ljubljana from 21-25 November 2022. Everyone is invited to participate in various interesting seminars, educational workshops and other hybrid events. Don’t forget to check our EUTOPIA week program and website, which will be ready soon.

EUTOPIA Week aims to celebrate the achievements of the EUTOPIA Alliance done in the past three years while simultaneously greeting new opportunities yet to arrive in the future. EUTOPIA week will offer many activities for students, researchers, EUTOPIA staff and strategic partners across the EUTOPIA Alliance. It will be an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge as well as your social and professional network, so keep an eye out for more information soon available at the EUTOPIA Alliance website and the EUTOPIA UL Website.

We are excited to bring together key players of EUTOPIA Alliance for a week of thought-provoking discussions, high-level panel conversations, city tours, cultural visits and other exciting activities. Let the ethos of the city of Ljubljana remind you of EUTOPIA's own values: celebrating diversity, cooperation and openness, with the aim of moving toward economic, environmental and social sustainability on a local, as well as global scale. We kindly invite you to save the date and join us on our path toward the university of the future!


Save the date for EUTOPIA Week in Ljubljana