Publish Date: 20.09.2023

Category: News from the University


In the academic environment, we should not shy away from the use of new tools that emerge as technology develops, but we are committed to their responsible use that will lead to the advancement of society as a whole. At the University of Ljubljana (UL), we have prepared recommendations for the use of artificial intelligence, which we propose to UL staff and students.

At the University of Ljubljana, we encourage and advocate the constructive and responsible use of AI methods and tools. At the same time, we are very clear about the dangers and pitfalls of these tools in science, art and society in general. We want to promote and develop the ethical, creative and safe use of AI tools. We understand that AI does not always emerge in isolation from the socio-economic and cultural environment, and is not always a neutral technology in this respect. It is an opportunity for societal and scientific development, while at the same time bringing to the fore fundamental issues of academic ethics, academic integrity and standards in science and research.

Machine learning methods and artificial intelligence are already used at UL. We suggest steps for assessment in this application, which can be found in the document below:

University of Ljubljana's recommendations on the use of artificial intelligence


Photo: Mojahid Mottakin, Unsplash