Publish Date: 27.10.2023

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UL23-eutopia-dan varna ul_1920x1080_7novUniversity of Ljubljana (UL) is a member of EUTOPIA, an alliance of ten European universities. Together we arededicating November to diversity and inclusion. The University of Ljubljana is (also) joining the efforts towards an open and inclusive university environment with a Safe and Diverse UL Day and a number of events for students, which will take place on 7 November between 9 am and 5 pm at the Rector's Office and online. 

The university environment must be open and inclusive and contribute to the advancement of society through scholarship and research. As a study and working environment, it co-creates and influences the well-being of students and staff, especially their opportunities to work creatively and innovatively. All those involved in the academic educational process need to feel safe and accepted, as this is the only way to develop their talents and fulfil their aspirations. 

The events are divided into four strands - Safe UL, Accessible UL, Inclusive UL and Reconciling Study, Work and Private Life. Students, alumnae and alumni, staff and guests will share their personal, academic and career experiences in the areas of inclusion, violence prevention, diversity and open the floor for discussion.


9.00-10.30 Safe UL: panel discussion on preventing and addressing violence, harassment and sexual assault
11.00-12.30 Accessible UL: workshop on self-advocacy, a skill for effective study
13.00-14.30 Inclusive UL: round table on the situation of LGBTIQ+ people at UL
15.00-16.30 Reconciling study, work and private life: a roundtable discussion

Participation in the roundtables is possible in person or online. The self-advocacy workshop will be live only.

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Safe UL

At UL, we are aware that normative acts alone do not eliminate bad practices, so the purpose of the panel "Safe UL" is to discuss the experience of safety and the necessary steps and ways to enforce a safe university environment. Over the past few years, the University of Ljubljana (UL) has adopted important documents to ensure a safe and supportive environment. Among them is the Policy on Measures against Violence, Harassment and Maltreatment, which has made clear the University's position on unacceptable practices. 

Accessible UL - self-advocacy for students with disabilities 

Inclusion and the creation of an environment in which individuals feel included must be a prerequisite for maintaining diversity. Only in an inclusive environment can individuals feel accepted and respected. Equality and inclusion are and (s)hould remain indispensable chapters in the higher education development guidelines and articles in the contract that the university has with the social environment. 

As the oldest higher education institution, the University of Ljubljana is committed to raising awareness, ensuring and promoting the principles of equality and inclusion in education, research and the wider social environment. Inclusion has also opened the doors to higher education for individuals with disabilities and special status who need effective self-advocacy skills and appropriate adjustments to study successfully. This event will therefore discuss the importance of self-advocacy, the adaptations and challenges that often present barriers to a sense of inclusion, and the support available at the University of Ljubljana to ensure inclusion.

Inclusive UL - the situation of LGBTIQ+ people at UL

In 2020, the European Commission received the document Equality Union: a strategy for equality for LGBTIQ people 2020-2025, in which it states: "Everyone in the European Union should feel safe to express their identity freely. Our social, political and economic strength comes from our unity in diversity: equality and non-discrimination are fundamental values and fundamental rights of the European Union and are enshrined in its Treaties and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Legislative developments, case law and policy initiatives over the past decades have made life better for many and have helped to build a more equal society in which different people, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans (i.e. transgender in the broad sense), non-binary, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ2 ) people, feel more accepted.".
At UL, we are also committed to creating an inclusive environment. In 2021, we adopted a Gender Equality Plan, which aims to create an inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. We will be discussing this at the event and listening to the personal experiences of UL students and staff.

Reconciling study, work and private life

The ability to balance study, work and private life is a key element in the well-being of individuals, but it is also one of the major obstacles that can hinder any individual in all areas of life. Not only can individuals bear the responsibility for reconciling these spheres, but the institutions in which they work must also share this responsibility with them. 

In the Gender Equality Plan and other documents, UL has committed itself to creating the necessary environment and conditions for study and work and, above all, has assumed co-responsibility for better reconciliation of study, work and private life. In the final part of the event, we will talk about personal experiences and obstacles, as well as measures that UL can take to ensure a better balance between all areas of life.