Publish Date: 21.06.2010

Category: News from the University

Chancellor Prof. Stane Pejovnik, PhD, attended the 50th anniversary celebration of the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in Portorož. In his address, he stressed the importance of this Faculty for Slovenia, since it proves that Slovenia is, always has been and always will be a maritime country. “This Faculty is the jewel in the university crown of member faculties. It plays an important part in the life and work of the University and has helped us reach the top 3% of the world's universities. Not every country has a faculty like this,” the Chancellor said.

In her address, the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport Dean Prof. Elen Twrdy, PhD, described the Faculty’s short but steep rise to success and its place in the immediate and wider social environment. She focused especially on the faculty education of mariners in 2010, a year that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) dedicated to mariner education, ship and cargo safety and the protection of the marine environment from pollution. The Dean expressed her regret at the current lack of interest on the part of young people in this profession and said that she hopes it would soon rise to the same level of interest as the professions of traffic technologist and transport logistics operator.

At the end of the event, life achievement awards were presented to the following Faculty employees: Prof. Jurij Kolenc, PhD; Prof. Ivan Smerdu, PhD; Prof. Marko Ivan Valič, PhD; and Prof. Miran Zgonik, PhD. They also presented plaques to the following companies and institutions that closely cooperate with the Faculty: Splošna plovba, Luka Koper and the 430th Naval Division of the Slovenian Armed Forces. 

The Mayor of the Piran Municipality, Tomaž Gantar, presented the Faculty with a town plaque for collaboration.
The attendees were also addressed by President Danilo Türk via video and by Minister of Transport Prof. Patrik Vlačič, PhD.