Publish Date: 14.07.2010

Category: News from the University

Between July 1 and July 5, 2010, the University of Vienna hosted the annual conference of the European Association of Erasmus Coordinators, ERACON 2010. More than 400 representatives of the European universities participating in the Erasmus programme attended the conference. Also taking place as part of the conference was a presentation fair of the participating universities, the Go-Exchange Education Fair.

According to the president of the conference and the fair, Prof. Dr. Makrides Gregory from the University of Cyprus, the University of Ljubljana took its place among the top universities with the best and the most interesting presentations. In general, the interest in cooperating with the University of Ljubljana has significantly increased in the past three years. An increasing number of students and professors want to come to Slovenia as part of the Erasmus programme and it is also the wish of foreign universities that our students, academics and researchers visit them.

The members of the university delegation (the public relations consultant at the University of Ljubljana, Gregor Jagodič, and the heads of international offices from the members of the University: Stojka Oman Vučkovska from the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Slobodanka Camilti from the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Marjeta Stevanovič from the Biotechnical Faculty and Darja Rabzelj from the Faculty of Law) attracted the most attention among the event's participants with their presentation, their dynamic approach and plenty of promotional materials.

 Vita Kušleikiene, Lithuania: »It was fine, interesting. I got the all materials I needed. Would love to visit the University of Ljubljana.«

 Dr. Sotos Ch. Voskarides, Cyprus: »I really liked the presentation of the University of Ljubljana. They got my interest and gave me all the information needed. Would love to cooperate with your university«.

 Gregorry Makrides, the President of ERACON: »The University of Ljubljana is one of the most recognizable and one of most desired. We are happy to have the University of Ljubljana among us.«

The recognisability of the university was strengthened even further by an informal musical appearance, which took place after the official dinner where all the participants were present. The University of Ljubljana group played three songs and made an additional positive impression.