Publish Date: 20.07.2010

Category: News from the University

The dean of the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, Prof. Dr. Elen Twrdy, is to christen the new military ship "Triglav".

The new multi-purpose ship, now the largest military craft, named “Triglav”, will be formally collected by the defence minister Dr. Ljubica Jelušič in Saint Petersburg. The contract for the ship, manufactured at the Almaz shipyard in Saint Petersburg, is worth almost 35 million dollars and will be paid in full by debt clearing.

A launch ceremony this coming Wednesday will see the new ship christened by Prof. Dr. Elen Twrdy, the dean of the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport.

"I am thrilled to be going to Russia, since this is a great honour, not only for Slovenia but also for the University of Ljubljana and its Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport. The study process itself will benefit enormously; this large military ship can be used by our nautical studies and marine engineering students for education and practical training."

This multi-purpose vessel is scheduled to be received for use by the 430th Naval Division of the Slovenian army in late November. The Slovenian army will use it to patrol the Slovenian maritime zone, provide support for divers and assist in various sea operations (searches, rescues, fire-fighting, transporting casualties, teams and equipment, setting up barriers and assisting in natural and other disasters, including environmental).

The new ship is 49 metres long, 9.2 metres wide and has a top speed of 27 knots. It is armed with a cannon, two machine guns, an anti-ship system, anti-aircraft missiles and anti-missile defences. The planned crew consists of four officers and 20 non-commissioned officers and sailors.