Publish Date: 15.02.2011

Category: News from the University

An interwiev with president of University Student Council – Janez Turk

How to get trustworthy information on the selected study course

LJUBLJANA – Who are the best advisors for those still doubting whether they have selected the right study programme as well as the right provider of the selected programme - the latter of course in cases where the same kind of programme is provided by two or even several institutions? Many believe that it is best to consult students from higher years. One of these is Janez Turk, a fourth-year student of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana (UL). Early this year, he became president of the UL Student Council (SC), which represents around 60,000 students of this university, i.e. two thirds of all Slovenian students.

Having asked the president of the UL SC whether more effort is put into information days by schools with a lack of applicants, he answered that he is convinced that all of them put their best effort into information days. "Even those with enough students wish to present themselves to candidates in the best possible light and besides, they try to attract the best students. Even so, I believe it is better if the candidates seek further information rather than just rely on information days."
Turk's tip to future students is that they should definitely talk to students doing the course they are interested in. He makes another noteworthy suggestion. "I think that besides information days, universities should also hold an open day, when prospective students could take part in all the study activities. Though this form of providing information has not yet been officially introduced, my faculty is already seeing some candidates coming on study tours. This would be roughly five secondary school students a year. It is not a problem, since all our lectures as well as exams are public. It probably makes quite a difference whether you merely learn about a course during an information day or actually try how sitting in on a lecture in any of the core subjects works for you," Turk supports his interesting suggestion.

When asked to give his view on the value of the promotional material that will be handed out in piles on information days even though it is easily accessible online, the president of the UL SC replied that such brochures can provide a great deal of useful information but that he would also recommend every student to dip into other books as well. "What I have in mind are the textbooks that he will have to, if he enrols, study from for exams. Perhaps only this can give him a clear idea of his programme, which will reinforce his choice of study or put him off it. Either is to his benefit."
We also asked the president of the University of Ljubljana Student Council if the first study years are still being swept with the notorious professorial "broom, entrusted to one or several professors to purge the freshmen.”I think this practice is much less common than it used to be, because students can now brand such professors in surveys. However, this is still done in some places. In case a concrete complaint should be made to the UL SC, it would of course be investigated and proper action would be taken within its authority," Janez Turk assured us.


Source: DELO, 10 February 2011