Publish Date: 11.03.2011

Category: News from the University

Andrej Žust has joined the ranks of one of the greatest orchestras in the world. The audition is a highly demanding one, braved only by the best. Thirteen candidates competing for a low horn position were invited for this audition. The mere fact that the Berlin Philharmonic has spent five years looking for a horn player to fill this position indicates how strict the criteria are. They chose Mr. Žust after a three part audition (Mozart's Horn Concerto No. 3 in E-flat major; Hermann Neuling's virtuoso piece, the Bagatelle; and various orchestral parts).

Andrej Žust (born 1984) is the only Slovenian to ever pass such an exacting test and become a member of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Until the end of 2011/12 season, Mr. Žust remains the principal horn player of the Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra, but he has also been working with the Berlin Philharmonic for the past two years as a scholarship grantee of its academy. He will begin his career at this prestigious institution with a one year contract for next season, that being the established custom for new members in German orchestras.

Andrej Žust

Andrej Žust: »The audition was extremely difficult. I fell ill a few days before it and the illness spread to my lungs so I could only play the horn for five minute stretches. I was about to cancel my audition, but a professor from Berlin, Stefan De Leval Jeziersy, convinced me to stick with it and make my way to Germany. So I went to the doctor, who prescribed antibiotics, and I set off still sick with bronchitis. At the audition, I gathered my strength and gave it my all. After all the candidates had performed, the members of the Berlin Philharmonic judging the audition notified us that they were unanimous in choosing their new hornist, which they had been looking for the last five years. It was me. I was really pleasantly surprised. I will finish playing for the Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra this season and I also intend to graduate from the Ljubljana academy (laughter). The next season will be one of trial for me; they will be watching and listening with a very careful and judging eye and ear. After a year, the decision will be made about any further contract. I will give it my very best. I am thrilled to play with the Berlin Philharmonic, and I will of course still perform in Slovenia and work with Slovenian musicians.

The young and talented hornist was also congratulated by the rector of the University of Ljubljana, prof. dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik.

The young and talented hornist was also congratulated by the rector of the University of Ljubljana, prof. dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik.

He said: “The University of Ljubljana is extremely proud of its student who has succeeded in such an admirable feat. His achievement confirms the quality of our musical academy and also shows us that we Slovenes, as a small nation, have great musicians that must be treated in a special way. This consideration for our best and brightest will always be forthcoming from the University of Ljubljana.”

Andrej Žust's next performances will take place in April, in Lendava on the 8th, Maribor on the 9th and Ljubljana on the 10th, as a part of the Festine concert cycles (