Publish Date: 22.03.2011

Category: News from the University

Following the introductory scientific presentations on the electric car given by university professors: prof. dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik (- Lithium car batteries: How do they work?),  prof. dr. Igor Papič  (- Electric drive and the fun of urban driving) and prof. dr. Damijan Miljavec (- E-mobility and smart driving), the Rector of the University prof. dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik and the General Director of Peugeot Slovenija Mr. Alberic Chopelin ceremonially signed a contract, giving the University of Ljubljana the use of an iOn electric car for six months. The University of Ljubljana thereby became Peugeot's ambassador of the electric car. After signing the contract and handing over the keys, the company present took a test drive with two test cars.

The rector of the University of Ljubljana, prof. dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik:
»The University is the ambassador of Peugeot's iOn electric car because the components of the electric car are scientific areas that the University researches and deals with. We are certain that electric cars will become the future as the environmental attitude of the people is the key element in caring for our planet«.  

The General Director of Peugeot Slovenija, Mr. Alberic Chopelin:
»The Peugeot Company is very pleased to be connected, through the iOn electric car project, with such a prestigious institution, which represents the highest Slovenian academic excellence with its penetrating pedagogical and research associates. For the next six months, this car will be tested by academicians who research electric automobilism scientifically. These people have a special attitude towards these cars due to their professional knowledge. Their feedback will be of particular interest to us and will have an additional value«.

The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Mr. Gregor Golobič and his team also visited the University of Ljubljana today. On this occasion, the General Director of Peugeot Slovenija, Mr. Alberic Chopelin, presented the iOn electric car to the Minister.




Foto: Željko Stevanić, IFP d.o.o.