Publish Date: 08.04.2011

Category: News from the University

The Republic of Slovenia Rectors’ Conference held a session at the University of Ljubljana. All four rectors of the Slovenian universities attended: Prof. Dr. Danilo Zavrtanik (president), University of Nova Gorica, Prof. Dr. Rado Bohinc, University of Primorska, Prof. Dr. Ivan Rozman, University of Maribor, Prof. Dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik, University of Ljubljana, and other representatives of these universities. Their discussions focused on Slovenia’s 2010-2020 research and innovation strategy, the 2011-2020 Research Infrastructure Development Plan and the partnership between the Government of the RS and a consortium of Slovenian universities – knowledge and innovation for the Pomurje region. They also discussed the provisions of the agreement on cooperation between the universities and the Ministry of Defence. A large part of the discussion was dedicated to the development plan for the Slovenian universities and the University Act. The members of today’s Rectors’ Conference session were familiarised with the copyright and related rights management policy at the university level and have submitted initiatives for student exchanges between the members of the Rectors’ Conference.

The additional decisions that were adopted include the decision on written notifications and the two ministries of education, that colleges are part of tertiary education and that college professors must meet the requirements for teaching in tertiary education.