Publish Date: 02.11.2011

Category: News from the University

Today, on 26 October 2011, a ceremonial presentation of the Pahernik Foundation was held at the Assembly Hall of the University of Ljubljana. The now sadly deceased Mrs Vida Marija Ribnikar, née Pahernik, had allocated funds from the sale of timber from Pahernik's woods to fund research in forest conservation and to the forestry students of the University of Ljubljana. The Management Board comprises the president Mr Maks Sušek and members Prof. Dr Alenka Šelih, Prof. Dr Jurij Diaci, Prof. Dr Andrej Bončina and Prof. Dr Janez Krč. At the ceremony, the attorney Rudi Šelih was presented with the Pahernik Foundation Award for his endeavours and work invested in establishing the Pahernik Foundation.
Attorney Rudi Šelih: "My small contribution was to translate the wishes of the deceased Vida Marija Ribnikar, née Pahernik, into legal language to ensure their permanence. Her nobility is remarkable. I hope to see the Pahernik Foundation carry out her will and wishes. The forest conservation funds were entrusted to our highest scientific institution in the field of forestry, the Forestry Department of the Biotechnical Faculty at the University of Ljubljana. I am confident that the University of Ljubljana will make sure that the revenue from this foundation gets into the right hands, for the proper education of undergraduate and postgraduate students."
Maks Sušek, the president of the Pahernik Foundation Board:
"The Pahernik Foundation was established in 2005 by Mrs Vida Ribnikar, née Pahernik. The aim of the foundation is to provide forestry students with grants, stimulate research activity and promote sustainable forest management. Operating since 20 October 2010, the Pahernik Foundation presents an outstanding example of private support for postgraduate study and research activity at the level of the University of Ljubljana and the broader Slovenian sphere. The foundation continues the model sustainable management of Pahernik's forest estate, which also serves as a learning facility for forestry students and preserves the memory of the engineer and forestry expert Franjo Pahernik and the Pahernik family."

Prof. Dr Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik, the rector of the University of Ljubljana:
"The Pahernik Foundation will help us capture a portion of gifted students who are highly capable and driven to study and will gain additional motivation for work from this financial incentive. The University is aware that it cannot develop its full potential without valuable aid from foundations. We hope that it becomes a model of such activity and attracts new donors. I would like to thank the Pahernik Foundation most sincerely for its trust. We will know how to justify it."
More information about the Pahernik Foundation is available online at:

PHOTO: Željko stevaić, IFP, d.o.o