Publish Date: 07.05.2012

Category: News from the University

Currently, the Network has 31 member universities in 30 countries. Much like when the Utrecht Network was established, its members continue to connect predominantly for the purpose of improving the mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff. In addition to mobility, the network also supports the development of various instruments for the internationalisation of members, such as summer schools, joint programmes and seminars for administrative staff. The basic principle of the Utrecht Network is to connect members and support flexibility in the field of international cooperation.
In the 25 years since the Utrecht Network was first established, some 20,000 students have participated in the network and its exchange programmes. The network members are involved in Erasmus Mundus programmes and INTENSIVE programmes. The network has formed working groups for joint programmes, promotion, researcher mobility, educating administrative staff and student mobility, as well as a group of summer schools.
The University of Ljubljana joined the Utrecht Network in 1995 and has been an active participant in all areas, particularly in the field of summer schools.