Publish Date: 19.06.2012

Category: News from the University

Prof. Dr. Danilo Türk, President of the Republic of Slovenia, Prof. Dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik, Rector of the University of Ljubljana, and academic sculptor Drago Tršar today unveiled a bust of the first Rector (Dean) of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, Professor Emeritus of the University of Ljubljana and academician Božidar Jakac in the park outside the Rectorate building at Kongresni trg. President Türk addressed the audience with thoughts about Slovenian culture in the future and the importance of culture for the Slovenian nation. That was followed by the Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Prof. Bojan Gorenec, who said a few words about Academic Professor Božidar Jakac. Lastly, Academic Professor Dr. Milček Komelj gave a speech about the bust’s sculptor, Academic Professor Drago Tršar.

A few minutes after the unveiling of the statue, the University of Ljubljana’s Gallery was opened in the Assembly Hall featuring an exhibition by Professor Emeritus and academician Prof. Janez Bernik, whose works are exhibited in the University’s Balcony Hall. The exhibition was also opened by the President and the Rector of the University. The event featured speeches by Prof. Dr. Jože Muhovič, President of the University’s Gallery Council, academician Prof. Dr. Milček Komelj and Prof. Aleš Valič, Vice-Rector for the University’s art activities.
The architectural arrangement of the gallery in the Balcony Hall is the work of students and the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Prof. Peter Gabrijelčič, MSc.