Publish Date: 28.08.2012

Category: News from the University

Led by Sebastjan Vrhovnik, the UL Academic choir Tome Tomšič took part at the popular international festival Polifonico in Arezzo (Italy). It is a notable festival where choirs from all over the world compete for qualifications to the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing competition – the most prestigious festival of this kind in the world.

The singers of the UL Academic choir Tome Tomšič competed with the renaissance compositions Beata es Virgo (Gabrielli), Beati quorum via (Stanford) and the contemporary composition of the Slovene composer Tadeja Vulc, Statue in the category called Historic overview, on Thursday evening. On Friday morning they continued in the subcategory Historical Periods – the compositions from after 1920 were chosen:  Double, double, toil and trouble (Mäntyjärvi), Conversion of Saul (Stroop), Stabat mater (Barkauskas) and Fountains (Vulc).

In both categories, the UL Academic choir Tome Tomšič won the first prize and entered the finale, where they also claimed the gold, the Grand Prize of Arezzo. This was the third consecutive ticket to the European Grad Prix for Choral Singing competition, planned for 2013 in Arezzo.

The UL Academic choir Tome Tomšič presented the following compositions in their finale performance:

  • Musica noster amor (Gallus)
  • Ich aber bin elend (Brahms)
  • Lasciatemi fly to Death (Lunkes)
  • Laudate Dominum (Svilainis)

The jury agrred that the UL Academic choir Tome Tomšič singers exhibited a diverse programme, firm sound and extraordinary expression. Among others, the singers proved to be superior to the University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors (Philippines), Coro Musicanova (Italy) and Los Peques del Leon de Oro (Spain).