Publish Date: 04.12.2012

Category: News from the University

On the occasion of the solemn session, the University of Ljubljana Senate honoured prof. dr. Donald B. Rubin for his exceptional scientific achievements in statistics, prof. dr. Nicholas Peppas for his outstanding scientific achievements in chemical engineering, biomaterials, controlled drug delivery and bio nanotechnology, and  Adam Michnik for outstanding achievements in critical analyses of social situations in the Central Europe.

The »Pro universitate labacensi« award was conferred upon the Radiotelevision Slovenia, Film studio Viba Filma Ljubljana and the Slovenian Film Centre, Slovenian public agency, for excellent cooperation with the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. All three institutions have been involved in education at the Academy for more than decade by offering their technical equipment, facilities and financial resources.

The »Golden plaque« was conferred upon individuals for exceptional merits in scientific, educational or artistic activities. This year' s laureats are:

  • professor Miloš Mlejnik, Academy of Music,
  • professor dr. Franc Batič, Biotechnical Faculty,
  • professor dr. Jasna Štrus,  Biotechnical Faculty,
  • professor dr. Marjan Senjur,  Faculty of Economics,
  • professor dr. Janko Prunk,  Faculty of Social Sciences,
  • professor dr. Nikola Pavešić, Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
  • professor doktor Bojan Majes s Fakultete za gradbeništvo in geodezijo,
  • professor dr. Boris Lavrič,  Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,
  • professor dr. Bogdan Lešnik,  Faculty of Social Work,
  • professor dr. Matija Fajdiga,  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
  • professor dr. Janez Možina, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and
  • professor dr. Svanibor Pettan, Faculty of Arts.

The »Solemn plaque for young higher education teachers and assocaites« for excellent educational and research achievements was confered upon:

  • asistent  doktor Matej Butala, Biotechnical Faculty,
  • asistentka  doktorica  Irena Oven, Biotechnical Faculty,
  • assistant prof. dr. Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar, Faculty of Economics,
  • assistant prof. dr. Ana Bojinović Fenko, Faculty of Social Sciences,
  • assistant prof. dr. Matjaž Konvalinka,  Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,
  • assistant prof. dr. Zoran Bosnić,  Faculty of Copmuter and Information Science,
  • assistant prof. dr. Tina Jukić,  Faculty of Administration and
  • assistant prof. dr. Ana Vlahek, Faculty of Law.

The solemn speaker was the President of the  Republic of Slovenia prof. dr. Danilo Türk.