Publish Date: 23.08.2013

Category: News from the University

Shanghai ranking (AWRU) – ranked in 401-500
The ranking is one of the most established and influential international lists of best
universities, based also on the SCI research quotation indicators, on the number of publications in eminent reviews Nature and Science, and on the number of employed or alumni, Nobel prize or Fields Medal Laureates.

QS ranking – lists the University of Ljubljana among the elite Universities in the following areas: bookkeeping and accounting, communication and media studies, politology and international relations. In these disciplines, the University of Ljubljana is ranked among the best 200 world's universities. The research included 2.858 universities,, 68 million quotations were analysed, 8.391 study programmes were reviewed ( As a whole, the university ranks among 551-600 (
The QS ranking list uses criteria such as research, education, employability of graduates, spatial and material capacities, internationalization, innovation and knowledge transfer, as well as accessibility of the university by various social groups.

Webometrics – ranked 241 in the world
The Webometrics ranking list assesses quality of a universities web presentation for the purpose of accessibility of digital scientific and professional publications, accessibility of knowledge base and of other web activities indicating creativity and dissemination of new and useful knowledge.
This ranking list includes also all other universities in Slovenia.

University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) – ranked 281 in the world (
The URAP ranks universities according to the number of published articles and quotations with regard to the quality of the reviews (impact factor), and according to international activities.

The table below shows the University of Ljubljana standings on the Shanghai list, the QS list, the Webometrics, and the URAP list on the world scale, dated August 20 2013. We are also showing the rankings of the University of Zagreb, the University of Belgrade, University of Maribor, University of Primorska, University of Nova Gorica, School of Advanced Social Studies, European Faculty of Law in Nova Gorica, and the Faculty of State and European Studies. Only the first three are ranked on the Shanghai and the QS ranking lists.


HE institution Shanghai QS Webometrics URAP
University of Ljubljana 401-500 551-600 241 281
University of Zagreb 401-500 551-600 578 321
University of Belgrade 301-400 601+ 729 310
University of Maribor / / 698 817
University of Primorska / / 2741 /
University in Nova Gorica / / 3569 /
School of Advanced Social Studies / / 14561 /
European Faculty of Law in Nova Gorica / / 16231 /
Faculty of State and European Studies / / 16591 /