Publish Date: 12.12.2018

Category: Eutopia

A university alliance founded by the UK’s University of Warwick, L’Université Paris Seine, and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), and recently joined by the University of Ljubljana, on the 12th of December 2018 made three announcements which were: the names of two new members of the alliance; the alliance’s name; and the fact that they have chosen the Slovenia’s University of Ljubljana and its Rector Professor Doctor Igor Papič to lead the new alliance’s approach to the European Universities of the future initiative, an initiative first suggested by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Prof. dr. Igor Papič, Rector of the University of Ljubljana said:
“I am very pleased that the Pompeu Fabra University from Barcelona and the University of Gothenburg are joining the EUTOPIA Alliance. We have completed our consortium with excellent universities from different parts of Europe. I sincerely thank the partners for entrusting the University of Ljubljana with the leadership of the Alliance. We consider this to be a great responsibility and honour for our university, and also shows the sincere desire of the partnership to offer complementarity, inclusiveness and synergies between research, education, innovation, and interregional collaboration. I am convinced that our application will provide very creative ideas for the future of the European University Networks.”

At a signing ceremony held at 6.30pm Slovenian time (5.30pm UK time) today Wednesday 12th December in the Ljubljana Rector's Hall at the University of Ljubljana both the Universitat Pompeu Fabra from Barcelona and the University of Gothenburg joined the new EUTOPIA alliance.

Eva Wiberg, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Gothenburg said:
“The network includes prominent European universities, covering a broad geographic scope, and we are delighted that we could join this association. All of the institutions in the alliance take on a great responsibility when it comes to quality driven research and education, and have a lot to gain from collaboration. One of the aims is to apply for the recently announced funding from the European Universities Initiative.”

Jaume Casals, Rector of Universitat Pompeu Fabra said:
“EUTOPIA is, first of all, a happy encounter: a real friendly alliance at an opportune moment. Then it is a useful tool, optimal for the birth of innovative European universities in the 21st century, respectful with the local environment and with a vocation for impact on a planetary scale.”

Caroline Pauwels, Rector of Vrije Universiteit Brussel said:
“Through achievements such as the Erasmus, Horizon 2020 and ERC programs, Europe has proven that international collaboration and teamwork are the right recipe for success. The launch of the European Universities Network initiative, is an even stronger incentive to create long lasting partnerships, based on jointly developed curricula and permanent student exchange. The network’s name Eutopia refers to our shared ambition to realize the European dream. By jointly setting up programs that transcend national borders, we aspire to train the Europeans of the future.”

The University of Warwick’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stuart Croft said:
“Speaking as one of the founder members of this new alliance it is great to have both the Universitat Pompeu Fabra from Barcelona and the University of Gothenburg join the alliance and we are absolutely delighted that the University of Ljubljana has agreed to take this leadership role. It is the leading, oldest and largest University in Slovenia, and one of Europe’s largest universities. It is an institution with which Warwick already collaborates in research – especially in maths and complexity science.”

François Germinet, President of Université Paris Seine said:
“Sharing a common perspective and joining our forces through our 6 universities, from North to South, East and West Europe, is a real momentum for EUTOPIA. We all share strong beliefs in universities capability to entwine territories, companies and learning issues. Together we are stronger to carry our societies towards new ways of collaboration to innovate and consolidate the threads of education at all levels. This is definitely a practice-oriented tightening force that underpins our Alliance in which Université Paris Seine is proud to take part”.