Bibliometric methods in management and organization (Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana)

Authors:Ivan Župič, Tomaž Čater

Bibliometric methods can be used to summarize and visualize scientific fields. In the future these methods (citation analysis, co-citation analysis, bibliographical coupling, co-author analysis and co-word analysis) will be one of the three main approaches (along with meta-analysis and qualitative structured literature reviews) for reviewing and evaluating scientific literature in the field of management and organization. Researchers can use bibliometric methods in several ways: they can more easily and comprehensively follow the development of their scientific fields (through mapping and visualization), quickly find the most influential works within a new scientific field (through citation analysis) and, potentially better predict future development of the field.

In their article published in Organizational Research Methods, Prof. Dr. Tomaž Čater and Assistant professor Ivan Župič analyze the use of bibliometric methods in scientific works in the field of management and organization. The purpose of their article is to develop a single-source reference and recommendations for researchers who plan to use bibliometric methods in the field of management and organization. The use of bibliometric analysis is obviously growing rapidly, since more than half of the analyzed works were published in the last three years. To demonstrate the use of bibliometrics the authors performed a citation and co-citation analysis to map the intellectual structure of the Organizational Research Methods journal.

Source: Župič Ivan, Čater Tomaž (2015): Bibliometric methods in management and organization. Organizational Research Methods, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 429-472.