1. A genetic life cycle switch in Bacillus thuringiensis virus GIL01

Bacterial viruses influence the development of bacteria and the transmission of antibiotic resistance genes among bacteria. The elucidation of this mechanisms may provide new weapons to combat antibiotic resistance development in bacteria.

Authors: Nadine Fornelos, Douglas F. Browning, Anja Pavlin, Zdravko Podlesek, Vesna Hodnik, Margarita Salas, Matej Butala


2. Hotel guests do not act in an environmentally friendly way if they have no benefit from doing so

Within the hedonistic context of tourism, pro-environmental reminders are not a sufficient incentive for hotel guests to behave eco-friendly. 

Authors: Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar, Sara Dolničar, Bettina Grün


3. A wheelchair that can handle stairs

A robotic electric-powered wheelchair, developed at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, can overcome most common obstacles encountered by disabled people—stairs, curbs and slopes. 

Authors: Matjaž Mihelj, Janez Podobnik, Jure Rejc, Sebastjan Šlajpah, Marko Munih


4. Using nuclear magnetic resonance to control the running of anaerobic processes

The metabolomes of inhibited industrial biogas reactors do not differ from metabolomes of ruminants with acute rumen acidosis. The researchers have shown for the first time that the biochemical-metabolic background in both phenomena is actually the same.

Authors: Boštjan Murovec, Damjan Makuc, Sabina Kolbl Repinc, Zala Prevoršek, Domen Zavec, Robert Šket, Klemen Pečnik, Janez Plavec, Blaž Stres


5. Charge ordering in a p-electronic system

Researchers at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana and the Max Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany have discovered the charge ordering in a relatively simple crystal structure and thus opened new possibilities for the development of information technologies.

Authors: Denis Arčon, Peter Jeglič, Tilen Knaflič, Matej Komelj, P. Adler, M. Reehuis, M. Geiß, P. Merz, A. Hoser, A. Sans, J. Janek, M. Jansen, C. Felser


6. Annular laser beam head for 3D printing of metal materials

The opto-mechanical head producing an annular laser beam enables an axial supply of a metal substance in the form of powder and wire and variation of the intensity distribution of the laser beam on the surface of the workpiece.

Authors: Edvard Govekar, Alexander Kuznetsov, Andrej Jeromen, Matjaž Kotar


7. Thesaurus of Modern Slovene

The Thesaurus of Modern Slovene is the most comprehensive open-source and automatically generated collection of Slovene synonyms, developed with advanced computational methods that are innovative in the field of lexicography not just in Europe, but globally as well.

Authors: Simon Krek, Adam Cyprian Laskowski, Marko Robnik Šikonja, Iztok Kosem, Špela Arhar Holdt, Apolonija Gantar, Jaka Čibej, Vojko Gorjanc, Bojan Klemenc, Kaja Dobrovoljc


8. Comparison of Clinical Course and Treatment Outcome for Patients With Early Disseminated or Early Localised Lyme Borreliosis

Despite some differences in the course of both diseases, the outcome of antibiotic treatment is comparable regardless of dissemination and this may be the basis for less invasive treatment of patients with early disseminated Lyme borreliosis in daily clinical practice.

Authors: Daša Stupica, Vera Maraspin, Petra Bogovič, Katarina Ogrinc, Rok Blagus, Tjaša Cerar, Franc Strle


9. Dyslectic students need eyes as well as ears

Listening to the text while reading more demanding English texts undoubtedly helps Slovene 6th grade students with dyslexia, while students without dyslexia do not need it.

Authors: Milena Košak Babuder, Karmen Pižorn