Acronym Title of the Centre of Excellence  Participating UL members
CO BIK Centre of Excellence for Biosensors, Instrumentation and Process Control  EF coordinator, FE
CO SPACE.SI Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies NTF coordinator, FE, FMF
CO NIN Centre of Excellence for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology FMF, BF
CO CIPKeBiP Centre of Excellence for Integrated Approaches in the Chemistry and Biology of Proteins MF, BF
CO NOT Centre of Excellence for Low-Carbon Technologies FKKT, FS
CO NAMASTE Centre of Excellence for Advanced Non-Metallic materials with Technologies of the Future FE, FMF, BF, VF, MF, FKKT
CO POLIMAT Centre of Excellence – Polymer Material and Technologies FMF, FKKT
CO EN-FIST - NMR Centre of Excellence for Research in Biotechnology, Pharmacy and the Physics of Matter FKKT

UL participates in all Centres of excellence that in 2009 obtained the funds of the European Regional Development Fund (85 %) and national public funding (15%) for the period of five years in the amount of 77,5 mio euros.

In 2013, the funding of the Centers of Excellence (CoE) from the ERDF, terminated. The CoE delivered excellent results, both in science and in the technology transfer to industry. In total, 115 partnering institutions have participated in the CoE, including 66 large and small companies and private research organizations, 44 public research and educational institutions and 5 partners from non-profit research and development institutions. All partners have jointly conducted over 577 FTE research hours. Between 2010 and 2013, the CoE carried out 185 R&D projects in collaboration with companies; they registered 101 new patents and developed 311 innovations. The CoE investments in R&D facilities amounted to a total of EUR 42,580.728,84.