Title of the Competence  Centre Research filed Participanting Members of UL
KCSTV Competence Centre for Advanced Control Technologies Process technologies (complex systems and innovative technologies) FS, FE
KC SURE Competence Centre – Advances Systems for the Efficient Use of Electrical Energy The efficient use of electrical energy (technologies and sustainable economy) FS, FE
KC BME Competence Centre – Biomedical technology Biomedical technology
(Health and life science)
KC TIGR Competence Centre  - Sustainable and Innovative Construction Sustainable construction (technologies) FA, FGG, FKKT, FS
KC BRIN Competence Centre for Biotechnological Development and Innovation Food and health (life and health science) BF
KC CLASS Competence Centre – Cloud Computing Services Networks and services (information and communication services) FE, FRI, EF
KC OPCOMM Competence Centre – Open Communication Platform for Integrated Services User platform and interfaces (information and communication technologies) FE, FRI

As the members of the University of Ljubljana are strongly linked to the economy, they participated, with various companies, in the 2010 call of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology for Competence centres for the period  2010-2013.

The Competence centres are defined as research and development centres managed by partners from the industry and which connect partners from the economy and the public research sector and are directed towards strengthening the capacity to develop and utilise new technologies in order to develop new and competitive products, services and processes in the priority fields of technological development.

The research work of the University of Ljubljana, a partner in all the approved Competence centres, has contributed to the development of new technologies, products, services and processes providing the Slovene economy with greater competitiveness and innovativeness. This close connection with the economy and its requirements with the help of modern research equipment has further enable the university to conduct higher quality applicative research and to increase the usefulness of the research results.

In total 44,7 mio euros were granted for co-financing the Competence centres. The majority of the funds, i.e. 85% is contributed by the European Regional Development Fund, while 15% is provided by the state budget.

 In 2013, the funding of the Competence Centres (CoC) on the part of the ERDF, terminated. The CoC delivered excellent results both in science and in the technology transfer to industry. In the CoC, a total of 59 different partners have participated, more than a third were public research institutes and about two thirds were enterprises, among which mostly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The CoC conducted 1445 FTE research hours, involving a large number of young researchers.  The CoC implemented 52 projects, developed 162 new products and services and 177 innovations, and registered 52 new patents. In addition, four CoC developed 24 new technological, procedural and organizational solutions. In three years of activity, the partners invested EUR 20.5 million of private funding in R&D activity.