Knowledge Transfer Office

Knowledge Transfer Office Services:


  • Identification of potential innovations
  • Advising on patentability
  • Conducting procedures for taking over service inventions
  • Advising on strategy of legal protection of intellectual property
  • Managing procedures for acquiring a patent or other industrial property right
  • Marketing and identification of industrial partners
  • Managing negotiations of the conclusion of licence or assignment contracts
  • Promoting creation of spin-out companies in cooperation with Ljubljana University Incubator (LUI)
  • Providing legal assistance in drafting R&D contracts
  • Conducting training in the fields of legal protection and commercialization of intellectual property
  • Raising awareness about the significance of intellectual property within the University of Ljubljana.

A brief overview of industrial property rights management at the University of Ljubljana can be found in the brochure

University of Ljubljana Rules on the management of industrial property rights at the University of Ljubljana (2016)



Univerza v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana
Pisarna za prenos znanja / Knowledge Transfer Office

Kongresni trg 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

for industrial partners:

Urša Jerše, Assistant Secretary General for Knowledge transfer
, tel. number: +386 1 2418 528

Marijan Leban, PhD, Head of Department for IPR
, tel. number: +386 1 2418 534

Simona Rataj, MSc, Head of Department for Strategic Marketing of IPR
, tel. number: +386 1 2418 533

Nina Smerdu, IP Adviser
, tel. number: +386 1 2418 693

Teja Stamać, Communications Officer
, tel. number: +386 1 2418 580

Jana Šav, Market Researcher
, tel. number: +386 1 2418 581

Gabriela Droga Mazovec, PhD, Independent Expert for the Identification and Protection of IP
, tel. number: +386 1 2418 583


The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.