The University of Ljubljana strategy for researchers’ career development for the period 2012-2016  , adopted by the University of Ljubljana (UL) Senate at its 32 session on November 27, 2012, is the realization of the commitment, given by the university in November 2008.

The document is a result of the findings and conclusions, presented in the Status Analysis of the situation (May 2012) in this area, on the 2011 Business Report with the UL Members self-evaluation reports, and on the UL 2011 quality assurance report. The survey of the UL Members situation (Answers on the questionnaire, March 2012), their comments and improvement suggestions were included in the content and data base, summed, analysed and considered for the starting points of the strategy.

The development of the strategy started in December 2011 and ended with adoption by the University Senate in November 2012. In the process participated all the relevant university government bodies, the UL Members government bodies and professional services. The survey used, was based on the EC sample questionnaire, the public consultations conduct, contextual status analysis and the starting points of the strategy, were discussed by the relevant university bodies.

In January 2012, the Rector of UL communicated the questionnaire with clarifications to the Deans of the faculties of the UL who conducted the internal public consultations with all the professors, researchers and other employees at their faculties. The Vice-deans for research and the Secretaries at the faculties collected their responses and suggestions. Most of the researchers at University of Ljubljana are also teaching and they welcomed the initiative, as it represents an opportunity for all the employees to be included in the strategy. On the basis of collected responses the faculties prepared the internal analyses and suggestions which were presented at the working meetings of the groups of faculties with the Vice-rector for research. The discussions were attended by the representatives of the faculties: the Deans and/or the Vice-Deans and the Secretaries.

The content of the strategy consists of strategic goals, following the analysis of the situation, the identified constraints and the suggested improvement measures. It also includes the priorities/operational goals (the framework of the action plan) and the monitoring of the achievements.
The strategy for researchers’ career development is a part of the UL Strategy 2012-2020 and participates to its 2020 vision: “will be recognized as an internationally open and excellent research university, creatively contributing to the quality of life.” The strategy for researchers’ career development directly supports realization of 6 goals in 4 priority areas of the UL 2020 strategy.

By adopting the UL strategy for researchers’ career development and by adopting the action plan, the University of Ljubljana contributes to the international recognition, improves researchers’ career opportunities and their mobility, to better public information and transparency of data and procedures. The university thus establishes better conditions for European researchers’ partnerships.

The goals in the UL Strategy for Researchers’ Career Development for the Period 2012-2016 are following the priorities defined in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for Recruitment of Researchers.

The action plan specifies individual activities geared towards realization of the set priorities within the defined timeframe.

HR excellence in research logoUniversity of Ljubljana has thus fulfilled all the criteria for European Commission acknowledgement that the UL Strategy for Researchers’ Career Development for the Period 2012-2016 is fully compliant with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for Recruitment of Researchers and has the right to use the 'HR Excellence in Research' logo.




At the beginning of 2015 the interim self-evaluation of the implementation of Strategy and the Action plan took place in which the UL and UL Members’ management, the relevant UL Commission for Science and Research work,  the Rectorate professional offices  and by the staff opinion survey also the researchers and doctoral students were included.  The implementation of the Strategy and the Action plan is presented in the Interim Report on the realisation and revised action plan for the implementation of the UL Strategy  for researchers' carieer development.