University of Ljubljana (UL) is an internationally active member of the European higher education and research area. Among many of its strategic partnerships, University of Ljubljana’s membership in the EUTOPIA Alliance comes as one of the more prominent opportunities for regional and global cooperation. Through EUTOPIA, UL is connected with some of the best universities in Europe, thus enables UL students to acquire knowledge and gain fundamental experiences at UL’s partner universities.


EUTOPIA is a teaching and research community of ten European universities, established with the aim of actively building and reshaping the European Higher Education Area. The main purpose of EUTOPIA is to increase the number and types of mobility programmes and to develop and test new ways of international and cross-sectoral cooperation in teaching and research. All ten partner universities endeavour to address local and global issues together, cooperating not only as individual institutions but as part of their local and regional environments.

The alliance comprises the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, CY Cergy Paris University, the University of Gothenburg, Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, and the University of Warwick, while the University of Ljubljana is the coordinating partner of one of the currently active projects in the alliance. In September 2021, three new members joined the alliance – NOVA University in Lisbon, Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, and the Dresden University of Technology – followed in November 2021 by the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.


In order to successfully manage the existing EUTOPIA projects and apply for new ones, University of Ljubljana has established the Multidisciplinary Centre for Development and International Projects (MRRC EUTOPIA) in the four pillars of knowledge (education, research, innovation, knowledge transfer) as part of its Multidisciplinary Research and Development Centres.

MRRC EUTOPIA is currently managing three international and one national project: EUTOPIA2050, EUTOPIA-TRAIN, EUTOPIA-SIF and EUTOPIA-RSF.


image002.pngAs part of the pilot project EUTOPIA2050 – European Universities Transforming to an Open Inclusive Academy for 2050, which is primarily aimed at developing innovative teaching practices, mobility, and participation of students, researchers and staff in first- and second-cycle programmes, University of Ljubljana is striving to achieve the vision of the alliance by focusing on three key areas: local and global challenges, students, and regional and social inclusion. 

Our main activities are directed toward education and knowledge transfer, integration with the local environment, regional and social inclusion, and building international links.

The alliance has acquired two more international projects for the development of activities related to the universities’ research and innovation capacities:


image003.jpgThe EUTOPIA Transformation of Research and Innovation project (EUTOPIA-TRAIN) has received Horizon 2020 funding to develop additional activities focused on innovation and research. These activities are mainly related to developing a strategic approach to research and innovation, promoting links between researchers and the commercial sector, open science, training, career development, and a joint approach to HR challenges, as well as establishing the EUTOPIA Grants, Legal, and Innovation Office (GLENN) tasked with effective knowledge sharing and supporting activities and staff involved in project work. The main achievements of the project so far include the appointment of the Young Leaders Academy members, carrying out the first research, doctoral and innovation mobility programmes, and connecting young researchers with experienced mentors through the GLENN office.


image004.jpgThe EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Fellowship Programme (EUTOPIA-SIF) is a joint programme aiming to attract and train a new generation of postdoctoral researchers. During the five-year project, 72 outstanding researchers will be employed at EUTOPIA universities – 8 of them at the University of Ljubljana. The EUTOPIA-SIF programme promotes various types of research mobility within EUTOPIA and focuses on cooperation with the non-academic sector as well. Selected postdoctoral candidates, whose projects follow a bottom-up approach, will strengthen the research power of EUTOPIA and cooperation between its universities. The project will also contribute to the wider EUTOPIA community, as candidates will work closely with research groups at least two universities, regularly participate in joint training and other events, and transfer knowledge and experience to students.


Are you interested in:

  • Working on international projects?
  • Acquiring new knowledge and skills in an international environment?
  • Short-term research mobility?
  • Attending and organising student conferences?
  • Workshops and training in project and scientific management and communication?

EUTOPIA offers it all, and more!


Among its other activities, the University of Ljubljana is actively involved in building and reshaping the European Higher Education Area, which includes:

  • cross-sectoral cooperation,
  • digitalisation,
  • knowledge transfer,
  • linking education, research, innovation and society,
  • future skills,
  • new forms of mobility, and more.

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