The Network of Research Infrastructure Centers of University of Ljubljana – MRIC UL – comprises infrastructural centres that provide specialized technical, instrumental, expert and informational support for the research and infrastructural groups of the University of Ljubljana, its pedagogical activity and users outside the University.


The infrastructural programme MRIC UL is co-financed by the Slovenian Research Agency.

Infrastructural Centre

  • has a head of the centre 
  • has members
  • develop their own specialized infrastructural activity
  • provide information about their activity to users and the public (website) 
  • provide services to researchers and other staff of the University of Ljubljana
  • provide services to other users in accordance with the rules and rates of the Administrative Board of the University of Ljubljana 
  • report on their work

Head of the MRIC UL is a Vice-Rector for research.

Infrastructural centres MRIC UL 2022-2027

UL research infrastructure

UL, Biotechnical Faculty:

  1. Infratructural Center for the Study for Growth and Development of Agricultural Plants (Slovene language) 
    Head: dr. Jerneja Jakopič
  2. Infrastructural Centre for Molecular Interactions Analysis
    Head: Asst. Prof. Dr. Matej Butala
  3. Collection of Industrial Microorganism (Slovene language)
    Head: Asst. Prof. Dr. Neža Čadež
  4. Mycosmo
    Head: Prof. Dr. Nina Gunde – Cimerman
  5. University Botanic gardens Ljubljana 
    Head: Asst. Prof. Dr. Jože Bavcon
  6. Infrastructural Center for Pedology and Environmental Protection (Slovene language)
    Head: Mag. Marko Zupan
  7. Infrastructural Center Microscopy of Biological Samples (Slovene language) 
    Head: Prof. Dr. Rok Kostanjšek
  8. Infrastructural Center Research Forest
    Head: Asst. Prof. Dr. Matija Klopčič
  9. Infrastructural Center for preparation, ageing and field testing of wood and lignocellulose materials
    Head: Asst. Prof. Dr. Boštjan Lesar

UL, Faculty of Economics:

  1. European Documentation Centre (EDC) 
    Head: Tomaž Ulčakar

UL, Faculty of Social Sciences:

  1. ADP - Social Science Data Archives 
    Head: Asst. Prof. Dr. Janez Štebe
  2. Public Opinion and Mass Communication Research Centre 
    Head: Asst. Prof. Dr. Slavko Kurdija

UL, Faculty of Social Sicences, Faculty of Arts, Pedagogical Faculty, Faculty of Electric Engineering and Faculty of Computer and Information Sicences:

  1. Centre for Language Resources and Technologies at the University of Ljubljana
    Head: Dr. Simon Krek

UL, Faculty of Electric Engineering:

  1. Infrastructural Centre “Cellular Electrical Engineering”
    Head: prof. dr. Tadej Kotnik

UL, Faculty of Arts:

  1. The Infrastructural centre
    Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sašo Jerše

UL, Faculty of Pharmacy:

  1. Infrastructure Centre for Drug Analysis 
    Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anamarija Zega
  2. EATRIS Slovenia
    Head: Prof. Dr. Irena Mlinarič Raščan

UL, Faculty of Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering:

  1. Infrastructural Centre Built Environment (Slovene language)
    Head: Prof. Dr. Jože Korelc

UL, Faculty of Chamistry and Chemical Engineering:

  1. Centre for Research Infrastructure at UL FCCT
    Head: Assoc. prof. dr. Andreja Žgajnar Gotvajn
  2. European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science
    Head: Prof. Dr. Matija Strlič

UL, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics:

  1. Infrastructural Centre for mathematics and physics(Slovene language) 
    Head: Prof. Dr. Miha Ravnik

UL, Faculta of Mechanical Engineering:

  1. Infrastructural Centre for Contemporary Mechanics (Slovene language)
    Head: Asst. Prof. Dr. Janko Slavič

UL, Medical Faculty:

  1. Centre for Functional Genomics and Bio-Chips (CFGBC)
    Head: Asst. Dr. Tadeja Režen
  2. Carl Zeiss Reference Centre for Confocal Microscopy 
    Head: Prof. Dr. Robert Zorec
  3. Institute for Biostatistics and Medical Informatics 
    Head: Asst. Dr. Brane Leskošek
  4. Infrastructural centre BSL-3+ Infrastructure Centre for Research of Biosafety Level 3Pathogenic Microorganisms
    Head: Res. Assoc. Dr. Miša Korva 
  5. Biomedical Centre for Microscopy
    Head: Prof. Dr. Peter Veranič
  6. Infrastructural Centre for Experimental Dental Medicine
    Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boris Gašpirc
  7. Centre of Imaging and Spectroscopy based on Magnetic Resonance
    Head: Prof. Dr. Dušan Šuput

UL, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering:

  1. Research Infrastructural Centre of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (RIC UL-NTF)
    Head: Dr. Barbara Golja

UL, Veterinary Faculty:

  1. Infrastructural Centre for Sustainable Recultivation (ICSR)Vremščica 
    Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marina Štukelj


  1. University IT Department (Slovene language) 
    Head: Mag. Aleš Košir

UL, Faculty of Social Sicences and Faculty of Arts:

  1. East Asia Resource Library (EARL)     
    Head: Dr. Zlatko Šabič



MRIC UL 2015-2021