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The European Research Council approves prestigious financing for a research project of Prof. Dr. Tomaž Prosen from the University of Ljubljana

The European Research Council recognized Prof. Dr. Tomaž Prosen for his exceptional research work and awarded him prestigious financing for a research project estimated at two million euros.

Publish Date: 24.03.2016

Category: Researchers in focus , ERC & MSCA

The European Research Council (ERC) approved granting prestigious financing to Prof. Dr. Tomaž Prosen for his research project entitled "Open Many-body Non-Equilibrium Systems" as part of a public tender for prestigious research works. The five year project will be implemented at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana. The project cost is estimated at two million euros. 

Of the 1,953 participants who applied to the tender, financing was approved for only 270 candidates. Just three of the proposed projects originate in countries that joined the EU after 2004. 

Project financing within the scope of the ERC Advanced Grant tender for prestigious research work is intended for high-level researchers who have proven themselves once becoming leaders in science with their recognized research achievements. Project financing is awarded to individuals exclusively on the basis of scientific excellence, regardless of the research theme. The projects have to be based on an original and breakthrough idea, they need to be ambitious, and they also need to be feasible. Their non-conventionality, innovativeness and high risk level must contribute towards scientific progress. 

Since 2007, when the European Research Council started with project financing, only three researchers in Slovenia have managed to acquire financing for their projects. Two researchers in the field of physics received the so-called "advanced grant", while one researcher from the field of meteorology received equally prestigious financing for younger researchers, i.e. a "starting grant". Their success confirms the quality and acuteness of Slovenian physicists in the world. 

The project field for which Prof. Dr. Tomaž Prosen received his financing is theoretical and mathematical physics of quantum systems with many integral parts, which are strongly integrated and highly excited. In reality, the complex terms hide a theoretical understanding of interesting phenomena, particularly important in modern technologies, such as transport of electrons in high temperatures, diffusion without (energy) loss and similar. The expected theoretical findings could help with planning of quantum technology of the future, such as quantum memory or devices for processing of quantum information.

More information on ERC Advanced Grants is available here

We congratulate Prof. Dr. Tomaž Prosen for his exceptional achievement.

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