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Innovative Thermodynamic Model for Real-Time Simulations of Vehicle Propulsion Systems

Topology of a simulation model of the hybrid electric powertrain with the thermodynamic internal combustion engine model and results of thermodynamic in-cylinder parameters including NOx emissions Image by Katrašnik/Wurzenberger

Publish Date: 05.12.2016

Category: Outstanding research achievements, Interdisciplinary research

The model environment developed by Tomaž Katrašnik from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana is the only one in the world that enables mechanical real-time modelling of modern multi-cylinder engines for personal vehicles.

 Author: Tomaž Katrašnik

 Computer models than enable testing of particular physical components in simulated real-time environments have to be capable of implementing real-time simulations, they must have a high level of accuracy and predictiveness, and preferably mechanistic modelling basis. Tomaž Katrašnik was successful in the area of thermodynamic simulations of internal combustion engines. Innovative generic modelling framework for simulating thermodynamic processes in internal combustion engines [1], which was developed by him, is namely the unique tool that allows for mechanistic simulation of multi-cylinder high speed passenger car engines in real-time.

 To fully explore the potential of the mechanistic based virtual development process of vehicle propulsion systems, he developed an innovative combustion model [2,3], which represents one of the key processes in addition to the general model environment [1]. In comparison to existing model approaches, the joining of both of the author's contributions therefore enables more efficient support for the development of future generations of environmentally friendlier vehicles, including vehicles with hybrid and alternative fuel source propulsion. The mentioned solutions are already in use in development departments of leading global vehicle manufacturers.

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