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Doc. Dr. Simon Malmenvall recipient of the International Danubius Young Scientist Award

doc. dr. Simon Malmenvall
Photo: Tatjana Splichal

Publish Date: 30.11.2020

Category: Researchers in focus

 Among this year's recipients of the International Danubius Young Scientist Award (DYSA) in the 2020 generation as the sole representative of Slovenia is doc. Dr. Simon Malmenvall from the Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana.

The DYSA award is awarded to young scientists with outstanding achievements and resonance coming from the Danube region, i.s. from the countries of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy and the Eastern Neighbourhood. The prize is awarded by the Federal Ministry of the Republic of Austria for Education, Science and Research in cooperation with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

In his fresh research work, Simon Malmenvall (born in 1991) has already published over one hundred and fifty scientific and professional works and  translations in the field of cultural and ecclesiastical history, ecumenical theology, ecclesiology, philosophy and history of literature. His main research interest is history and theological thought of the East Christendom and Catholic-East Orthodox relations. 

In this context  it is worth mentioning his scientific monograpfh Culture of Kievan Rus’ and Christian Historical Consciousness (2019, published by the Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana) which brings to the Slovenian academic space the first comprehensive theological-historical discussion o East Slavic litterary culture between 10th and 12th century. Among other thisngs, he was one of the contributors preparing the first Slovene edition (2015, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana) of the main East Slavic medieval source, chronicle Tale of Bygone Years, and the first Slovene edition of other representative East Slavic texts from the 11th century (2019, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana).

He translated into Slovene (2019, first volume; 2020, second volume; published by the Cultural and Art Society Logos) the monumental work Ways of Russian Theology (1937) written by the Russian East Orthodox theologian and historian Georges Florovsky. He builds on his scientific knowledge as part of postdoctoral basic research project Ruler Saints (Martyrs) on the Periphery of Medieval Europe: Kievan Rus’, Norway, Dioclea (2019-2021) financed by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS).

The award confirms the success of doc. Dr. Malmenvall, who also works as a higher education teacher  in ecumenical theology, religiology, and philosophy at Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana and Faculty of Law and Business Studies at Catholic Institute.

Recording of the award ceremony on the 6th of November 2020 is available on the link; collection of scientific papers of this years prize winners is also available online.

Sincere congratulations to the prize winner doc. Dr. Simon Malmenvall and to many research achievements in the future.


prof. dr. Robert Petkovšek,

Chair of Philosopfh, Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana


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