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LINA – New European platform for emerging architecture experts

Prototype 13, Environmental Deployable Devices, Jose M Mateo Torres, 2021 © Future Architecture Platform (published by permission).

Publish Date: 01.06.2022

Category: Interdisciplinary research, Our contribution to sustainable development goals

Sustainable development goals: 4 Quality education, 6 Clean water and sanitation, 7 Affordable and clean energy, 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure, 10 Reduced inequalities, 11 Sustainable cities and communities, 12 Responsible consumption and production, 13 Climate action, 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions (Indicators)

The aim of LINA will be to mobilise the European architecture sector for clean, circular and sustainable architecture projects in connection with the New European Bauhaus, the European Commission initiative to link up art, culture, science, technology and social inclusion in connection with the European Green Deal. Efforts to grapple with climate and environmental challenges in the field of architecture will be linked together in the European programme of research, workshops, architectural exhibitions, conferences and publishing projects. The platform will support ideas that offer aesthetic, sustainable and inclusive elements of change necessary to fulfil the European Green Deal.

The Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana has become the coordinator of the new European architecture platform LINA (Learning, Interacting and Networking in Architecture). The main Slovenian higher education institution for architecture has linked together 28 European and Mediterranean organisations in the platform, which will support young experts. The LINA platform, for which the Faculty of Architecture will receive EUR 2.1 million in grant funds under the European programme Creative Europe, will involve the participation of 8 European biennials, triennials and festivals, 3 museums, 2 galleries, 3 foundations, 4 research networks and laboratories, 2 publishing houses and 6 universities in 23 countries. The project was designed and will be headed by Matevž Čelik, who in previous years was responsible for the platform Future Architecture.

LINA will support the work of young architecture experts – from research and the creation of prototypes to disseminating new findings and procedures for environmentally responsible construction to the general public through architectural exhibitions and other events. The platform will offer creative young people in the field of architecture the opportunity to present their green ideas. It will support their work and enable them to collaborate with outstanding European and Mediterranean universities, biennials and triennials, museums and other important partners in the field of architecture. 

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Fig. 1: The aim of LINA will be to mobilise the European architecture sector for clean, circular and sustainable architecture projects in connection with the New European Bauhaus. Source: UL FA

On the successful confirmation of the project, the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Dr Matej Blenkuš, said: “The LINA platform is designed as a far-reaching international network of artistic, educational and expert institutions. For both young experts and students of upper years it will serve to open up horizons and the possibility of participation in the most current and fresh architectural production in the wider European area. The project is of groundbreaking importance for the faculty, since it is expanding the range of operation into the area of international artistic and expert production, and we are linking the study process intensively with European professional institutions. Through the LINA platform we are becoming involved in key processes of European sustainable transformation.”

The director of the LINA platform, Matevž Čelik, stated: “I am pleased that the European Commission has recognised the LINA platform as an innovative model of a melting pot for promising experts. I am especially pleased that after Future Architecture the European architecture platform will in the future still be based in Slovenia. The main philosophy of the platform will be to increase the environmental orientation of architectural activities through projects of young experts. The project offers a new working model in architecture, where young professionals can participate in education, research, production and dissemination of their concepts for adapting architecture to the circular economy and environmental challenges.”

In the next three years LINA will organise regular conferences at which young experts in the spatial and design professions will present their ideas and projects. The conferences will be important European meetings of experts, curators, producers and organisations striving to make essential changes which the increasingly visible consequences of the climate crisis are demanding of the planners of buildings and physical space. 

This year’s LINA conference, which will signal the start up of the platform, will take place this autumn in Ljubljana. In 2023 with a conference in Copenhagen, LINA will participate in the programme of the world capital of architecture, and in 2024 in Sarajevo it will contribute to marking the 40th anniversary of the transformation of that city for the Winter Olympics. The platform’s programme will conclude in 2025, and in the event of re-approval it will continue up until 2029.

The project begins in June 2022 and will last until 2025. The members of the platform are: Beta, Timisoara Architecture Biennial, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, Forecast Berlin, Theatrum Mundi Paris/London, Copenhagen Architecture Festival, Belgrade International Architecture Week, Sarajevo Architecture Days, Kosovo Architecture Foundation, Irish Architecture Foundation, Mies van der Rohe Foundation Barcelona, Graz House of Architecture, VI PER Gallery Prague, Estonian Architecture Museum Tallinn, MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Art Rome, Swiss Architecture Museum Basel, Architektūros fondas Vilnius, Dpr-Barcelona, Architectuul Berlin, Society of Architects of Istria, Luma Foundation Arles, Oslo Architecture Triennial, Lisbon Architecture Triennial, Eindhoven Design Academy, Barleti University Tirana, University of Notre Dame Louiaize Lebanon, Technical University Vienna, Polytechnic University Madrid.

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Fig. 2: Agro Commune, Stephanie Kyuyoung Lee, 2020, © Future Architecture Platform (published by permission).

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Fig. 3: Architecture after the Future, curator Ana Jeinić, Graz House of Architecture, 2017 © Future Architecture Platform (published by permission).

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Fig. 4: Platform for Equitable Housing, Maksym Rokmaniko, Francesco Sebregondi, Enrico Zago, Melissa Frost, 2018, © Future Architecture Platform (published by permission).

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